Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who Says Civil Unrest Is Out of Control?

This is an amazing video from the Iran protest today, with the videographer doing a blow-by-blow in Italian.

First of all, it shows a peaceful walking throng of protesters. Next, the crowd begins to scream and scramble. Then you see what has now become a common image - motorcycles with two policemen, one driving and one with a baton beating people as they drive by - plowing directly into the crowd of protesters. Next, you see that the crowd somehow separates one of the policemen from his motorcycle and burn the motorcycle.

The next part is the most amazing. The crowd PROTECTS the policeman. They surround him and give him water. One gentle hand touches him as he puts cool water on his face. He is terrified, and he is comforted.

There is hope for us all in this one video.

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