Monday, June 15, 2009

Quote From Iran: Baseej Have Guns; We Have Brains.

In support of my premise that geeks should rule the world, here is a quote from a protester in Iran: we honour and thank the people of Iran and especially the hackers. Baseej have guns we have brains.

Hackers have been systematically taking down pro-Ahmadinejad and government websites all night long and this morning as well. Geeks have also been Tweeting new proxy server addresses so that the students and other grassroots protesters could continue to Tweet and upload images and video, even while the government was shutting down or blocking cell phone and Internet service. Geeks rule.

Baseej are the civilian-clothed, baton and baseball bat-wielding, pro-Ahmadinejad thugs who have been terrorizing university students in their dorms all last night and who may be behind the gun shots and death(s) in the crowds at Azadi Square in Tehran.

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