Thursday, June 18, 2009

Global Shift Of Consciousness

I really am amazed at what I'm seeing transpire in Iran. This is so much more than a protest supporting one candidate or another. Mousavi is the more popular candidate, but there were three other candidates who also ran against Ahmadinejad. While some protesters carry Mousavi's image, most carry signs that say, "Where is my vote?"

This is not a student-led movement. These crowds are full of young and old men, young women and grannies,  women wearing veils and black gowns and women wearing makeup and jeans and heels, poor people and wealthy people, people from the city and people from the country.

This is not a movement against Islam or Iran's Islamic government. This is not about religion. It is a movement against suppression, lies and fraud.

What strikes me most, above and beyond the incredible numbers of people who crowd together on a 7-lane highway for five or more miles, is the silence of the protesters. They walk peacefully, in silence. This speaks a strength that is unstoppable. It's a strength that's not derived from threats, shouts, violence or burning motorcycles or buildings.

When I see this amazing picture of a protester running with flowers, as if he were doing the most beautiful ballet on a stage, and watch videos of protesters giving flowers to soldiers, I know that this simple gesture has the power to melt hatred and fear.

When I watch total strangers from all over the world stay up for three days so that they can help Iranians stay connected on Twitter, I know that there's hope for humanity.

There are stray voices on Twitter asking why we should give a shit about Iran, or making ignorant, derogatory comments. But they will be silenced too. We give a shit because we are all one. We all want the same thing - to be free to express who we are, to practice our trade and our religion, to be safe in our own homes, to watch our children grow and thrive.

Peace has never been so loud in its silence, and so powerful in its gentleness.

I've watched the video below three times. Mousavi has asked the protesters to call out "God is great!" from their rooftops at 10, 11 and midnight. From Nico Pitney, who has been liveblogging this revolution almost non-stop for three days:

"Allaho Akbar!" Such haunting video. Midway through, you'll hear a woman's voice, whose words were translated by emailer Lily:
The woman in this video is saying something that really touched me. She is saying that they can take our phones, our internet, all our communication away, but we are showing that by saying "allaho akbar" we can find each other. She ends it my saying that tonight they are crying out to god for help.

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