Thursday, May 7, 2009

CNN's Deep Investigative Reporting Wizardry

And my deep sarcasm.

Here's today's CNN article title: Blackwater Era Ending In Iraq.

CNN never mentions that Blackwater mercenaries will just move onto DynCorp's and Triple Canopy's payroll. Blackwater, CNN and our government might think we're stupid enough to forget the past just by the flip of BW's company name to the unpronounceable XE and a press release masquerading as journalism, but I know some people who aren't buying any of this shit. The Iraqi people.

The (wanna-be) big-dick commando 'tude of the ex-XE-Blackwater boys isn't going to change. It's just going to be repackaged. So, CNN? It's a big stupid lie when you say the Blackwater era is ending in Iraq. OK?

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