Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stephen Colbert Told Me I Had To Do This

At the end of Stephen Colbert's April 15th show, he told his viewers he expected a full report about the show on his desk the next morning. So, before he wakes his ass up, here's my report.

Colbert eviscerated Obama about denying Habeus Corpus for detainees at Bagram AFB. Evidently, the detainees are "guilty until forgotten about." Colbert doesn't know why Obama wants to deny the detainees their constitutional right to Habeas Corpus, but he offered the possibility that the detainees did something "really unforgivable, like remind Obama he was once a professor of constituional law."


And then Colbert immediately segued to the Fox News Corp-sponsored tax-day tea parties. There was a clip of Newt Gingrich lying his ass off and saying these tea parties "kind of sprang up almost unexpectedly in the last two months in a spontaneous effort around the country." Colbert replied, "Newt Gingrich is right. It was really unexpected how these spontaneous grassroots political events that Sean Hannity is hosting in Atlanta, Greta Van Susteren is hosting in DC, and Neil Cavuto is hosting in Sacramento, just sprang up without promotion from the media."


Laugh, I did. But, you know what's really sad about this? The Wandering Eye Of Newt, his Fox cohorts and their history-challenged teabaggers are presented as the simple fools that they are, which makes for great comedy. But there's very little that's funny about Obama being an abuser of human rights.

I hope I get an "A" on my report.

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Obama Denies Habeas Corpus
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