Sunday, April 5, 2009

Israel Was Never Mentioned

I read an article this morning, Obama to call for nuclear-free world, and was delighted at the news, although I haven't dug deep enough to know how far Obama can go with this initiative, before the American weapons manufacturer's lobby, or the Neocon-Likud-influenced American Jewish lobby, starts strong-arming him.

But the most interesting thing I've seen is that Israel's substantial cache of nuclear weapons was not mentioned in this article. It's rarely discussed in the media, unless you read lefty, pro-peace media like I do. It's the big SHHH! secret that everybody knows about, but few have the balls to talk about. It's the elephant in the room who continues to poop white phosphorous as Israel compliments the burn victims on their nice tans.

Just call me Pollyanna, but it would seem to be a logical assumption that if your neighbor (Israel) has a shitload of nuclear weapons, you would be a fool (Iran) if you didn't get busy and build a bigger shitload. You could try diplomacy at the same time, and hope that it works before anybody launches their warheads, but it would be a good idea to keep building those puppies in the background, just in case diplomacy fails. I know that Iran is a troubled child, in a world of big bad boys and their duke nukem war toys, and perhaps diplomacy isn't their strong suit. And of course, I don't know the history of who had nukes first, but who cares? If everybody agrees to get rid of them, then who started the fight is a moot point. And, I remember reading, no doubt in one of my communist pamphlets, that Iran has made genuine diplomatic outreach efforts in the past (here and here), only to be rebuffed by BushCo, who needed to maintain Iran as the boogie man, to scare the bejeezus out of underinformed Americans, so that Halliburton and Blackwater could rob the treasury of many more billions in a nice little profitable (for them anyway, certainly not for America) war with Iran.

It also seems obvious that building and maintaining nuclear capabilities costs a bloody fortune, and if everybody would agree to stop building and maintaining them, then everybody else could relax and spend money doing other things, like, oh, feeding and educating the poor.

But that makes too much fucking sense.

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