Sunday, April 12, 2009

How BushCo Helps Israel Kill Palestinians

By shipping them 989 20-foot long containers of munitions, each weighing 14,000 tonnes, and possibly containing white phosphorous. The munitions were shipped on a German freighter in December of 2008 and arrived March 22nd, so they will replenish munitions used by Israel in the Gaza conflict.

"A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed to Amnesty International that "the unloading of the entire US munitions shipment was successfully completed at Ashdod on March 22," Wood pointed out.

The spokesperson had said the shipment was destined for a US pre-positioned munitions stockpile in Israel, he said. Under a US-Israel agreement, munitions from this stockpile may be transferred for Israeli use if necessary.

Why in the fuck are we giving such "aid" to Israel? Can't the Obama administration cancel the aforementioned US-Israel agreement?

Can't we build schools or something? Be productive instead of destructive? Aren't my Photoshop skills awesome?

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