Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Swamp By Any Other Name... still a swamp.

Blackwater is changing its name to Xe (pronounced Z - fancy that). But they'll still have the taint of murdering marauding mercenaries. I heard they were changing their business focus to training anti-narcotics mercenaries to compete with their major nemesis DynCorp for US taxpayer-funded "War On Drugs" contracts (what a scam that is), Total Intelligence Solutions - which boasts that it "brings CIA-style" services to the open market for Fortune 500 companies (i.e. spying for corporations - niice),  "aviation support," which involves selling "escape packages" to rich religious fanatics so that when Armageddon occurs (like it did when Katrina hit New Orleans), a private chopper will zoom in and pick up all the Real Krishtians from their rooftops and take them off to an undisclosed sinner-free area. It's called "rapid safeguarding." Fancy that. There they will drink lemonade, watch the world burn, and hope to Geezus that nobody finds out they're gay.

On that note, one of the commenters on the TPM article about Blackwater/Xe said that Blackwater may want us to pronounce Xe as "Z," but in Nahuatle, it would be pronounced as "She." I rest my case.

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