Monday, February 9, 2009

Bill Moyers, Glenn Greenwald & Jay Rosen

Very interesting Bill Moyers show with Glenn Greenwald ( and Jay Rosen  (PressThink). They discussed the media's relationship with Obama. I never thought about it, but I found their assertion very interesting: that the media doesn't like "change" because if any real change happens, or if Obama does something outside of the political "norm," something they never thought of or didn't expect, the media is left sputtering in front of the camera. They would no longer be the Beltway Boys And Girls In The Know, the experts whose job it is to inform us. Because the news is now full of what the pundits think might happen, or future news. They don't report as much on what actually is happening. Even when they do talk about events as they occur, they make all kinds of future predictions or future analysis about what it might mean. If Obama makes real changes that they don't understand, they'll all be fumbling for something to say. 

You can watch the show, listen to it and read the transcript here.

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