Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This Delights Me: Bidder 70

Remember how we all said the Iraq war was not about Democracy, not about freedom, but all about oil, and we were laughed at? Remember that glorious day when Alan Greenspan (he who protecteth us not from financial ruin) said the Iraq war was all about oil and the White House about shit itself? Ahh. Good times, good times.

Wellll, waaaay before all that, I knew the war was about oil, 'cause I'd stumbled upon the ol' PNAC website and read the whole neocon plan for "controlling our interests" (our?) in the Middle East. So, dirty hippie that I yam, I found the RSS feeds for as many "It's about the oil, stupid" websites I could find, and Oil Change International was one of them.

I just got an email from them entitled, Who Is Bidder 70? You're going to just LOVE this.

While the Bizzy Bushies are working day and night like Santa's elves to destroy our country (and the world as we know it) before January 20th, there are certain regular schmoes who are trying to stop them, since Nan-cee Pelosi and the rest of our useless elected politicians have their backs purposely turned, because, well, you know, boys will be boys!

So, a certain Tim DeChristopher of Salt Lake City, Utah, went to the auction of BLM public land, and bought the shit right out from under the Evil Bush Boys:

In a brave act of civil disobedience, Tim DeChristopher disrupted the auctioning off of public land, effectively giving it away for a fraction of its true cost to taxpayers and its true value as a natural resource.

This auction was another of The Bush Administration's parting shots at the American people and another blow to the already under-funded and over-worked career professionals at the BLM.
You see, he outbid them. But he doesn't have any money. Buhahahahahahaha! Man, I love this SO much.'s the deal. We have to help Tim pay for the land before he gets sent to jail for fraud and/or before he's murdered by the Gestapo, whichever comes first. Oh, and before JANUARY 9TH, which is THIS FRIDAY. As of this moment, he's got $28,110, so he doesn't have very far to go. Please donate what you can, and pass this on like wildfire!

Here's Tim DeChristopher's website. Make it so.

UPDATE: To be clear, $45,000 will take care of the land down payment only. Tim also has legal fees to pay, and once he makes the land down payment, he'll need much more money to keep the land out of BushCo's greedy, greasy grasp. So...if you get to his website and see he's close to his $45K goal, don't stop yourself from donating.

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