Friday, January 30, 2009

No, Obama. Nooooo! Not Dennis Ross!

Ok, so I've been so damn busy, but all the while I've been watching little tidbits of news about Obizzy Obama, but I just received an email from Peace Action West telling me that Obama might name Dennis Ross as a potential envoy to Iran. This is a really BAD idea. Please read my post Obama Middle East Adviser Dennis Ross Wants Iran War , which is chock full of research links that will give you a clue about who Dennis Ross is.

Then, if you would, please go to this handy dandy form and send a printed or emailed letter to our pal President Obama and ask him please, please please, don't appoint Ross as the Iran envoy.

Thank you very much. This message has been brought to you by overly busy peace mongers sitting in their pajamas in Paris, still worried about our world.

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