Saturday, December 13, 2008

Put Your Arms Around This

Via Matthew Good (I haven't researched these figures - just putting them out there for your consideration):

In the end, running guns is lucrative and a powerful political tool. It’s a win – win. Therefore, it probably should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that the crowned champ of gun running is the United States, who in 2008 made $32 billion dollars in foreign sales alone – up from $23 billion in 2007. Research the Canadian defense budget in its entirety to place that figure into context.

US arms and military training and assistance were fundamental elements in twenty of the planet’s twenty-seven major conflicts in 2007. The United States has also signed over twice the number of transfer agreements in the last eight years than its closest competitor, Russia. While it might come as a shock to some, America’s most lucrative customer is currently Pakistan, which has purchased more arms from the US of late than Israel, Saudi Arabia, and even the Iraqi Armed Forces.

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