Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama Bites The Poisoned Apple

Via Truthdig:

Barack Obama’s decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan and leave behind tens of thousands of soldiers and Marines in Iraq—he promises only to withdraw combat brigades—is a failure to rescue us from the status of a rogue nation. It codifies Bush’s “war on terror.” And the continuation of these wars will corrupt and degrade our nation just as the long and brutal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank has corrupted and degraded Israel. George W. Bush has handed Barack Obama a poisoned apple. Obama has bitten it.

I voted for Barack Obama, knowing that he was still a misdirected hawk. I cry when I watch him have direct eye contact and hold the tiny hands of little black kids in Chicago on Thanksgiving day. And then I cry again, when he vows to continue an illegal and immoral occupation in Iraq, and start anew a war in Afghanistan. How can he do one kind, local deed, and not the same in a far away land? Because he does not bother stooping down to his knees and holding the tiny hands of dead or dieing Iraqi and Afghanistan children, or look their grieving mothers and fathers, grandparents, brothers and sisters, directly in the eye.

Go there, Barack Obama, and witness the devastation we, the American people, have wrought. Go there, and touch the bodies and souls of our destruction. Then see how cavalier you can be, within your golden not-yet-white-house walls.

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