Monday, December 29, 2008

Israeli Attacks On Palestinians In Gaza

The foreign minister of Israel just said on Al Jazeera English TV that "there was a coup in Gaza and Hamas took over." Isn't that a big fat lie that she told bald faced right on TV? Am I mistaken in the fact that there was a Democratic, free election and Hamas won its rightful place in the government, legally and by the people's choice?

Coup, my ass.

She also said that before Israel attacks anywhere, they send a message to civilians, ahead of the attack, to leave the area. Am I mistaken, or is there nowhere for Gaza citizens to go? The borders are blocked by Israel and nothing or nobody can get out, or in. No medical supplies, no fuel, no food, and no innocent civilians. Egypt has refused to open its borders to civilians caught innocently in the attacks.

So, where the hell do they go?

And George Fucking Bush is vacationing at his ranch and has no statement to make. While Gaza burns, while children suffer and die. Some flunkie sub-sub-sub White House press flack stood up and stuttered at the podium and said that it was Hamas' fault that they're getting slaughtered by Israel.

No. We, the United States of America, have a financial interest in helping Israel start this war. We sold them the jets. We sold them the cluster bombs. We want them to use all that shit up, so we can sell them some more. We won't protest against this crime by Israel. We'll stand by and read a book about a pet goat.

Robert Fisk trashed a nameless neocon on Al Jazeera a few moments ago. (Where and why do they dig these guys up for a counterpoint? I mean, really.) When Al Jazeera asked the neocon this question - there were 8 rockets launched by Hamas into Israel. Israel has responded with a full-out war - planes, bombs, guns, tanks. More than 300 people are dead and 1500 wounded in Gaza. Isn't this completely out of balance? - the Neocon replied. NUMBERS ARE MEANINGLESS.

Yeah, as long as those "numbers" aren't your fat kids safe at home in Uh-mer-i-cuh. As Robert Fisk said in response, "Palestinians are meaningless to you."

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