Friday, December 5, 2008

I Almost Don't Want To Know

I realized recently that I've been avoiding political news. I watch the headlines, but I'm not clicking through. There might be two reasons for this...

One: I know that the economy is heading for the shitter. Bailout. No bailout. It doesn't matter. There's a ripple effect in place. A breaking news banner on CNN online right now says 533,000 jobs were lost in the US in November -- the most in 34 years. That means there are more than half a million people who will no longer be paying taxes, who are curtailing their spending, who may be extending their revolving credit (living on credit cards), who aren't buying houses or will lose their house because they can't pay their mortgage. In turn, their local grocery stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, hairdressers aren't going to see the same amount of cash coming in, and may go under, or at least lay off some of their workers too.

Two: Obama is either a genius, or a fool. There can be no in between. The problem is, he has proven to be nobody's fool. Over and over again. So, does that mean he's a genius? Or maybe we are the fools for having voted for him. But the alternative? If "that woman" had clickety-clacked her Manolos in the direction of the VP's office, I think I would have renounced my citizenship on the spot. The fundie fox would be licking her lips right inside the hen house. All non-fundie hens (Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, YouNameists) and their chicks would have been fox meat by now, while the cocks would have been fighting over her poisoned feed just to see if they could gain the fox's favor. I watch announcements about Obama's cabinet picks and groan. When Karl Rove is happy with Obama's picks, I get sick to my stomach. When a murderer like Kissinger praises Obama, I mutter curse words to myself.

I hold out on the slim hope that Obama has a mind of his own. I'm praying to The-God-I-Don't-Believe-In that corporate America doesn't already own his ass; that he won't listen to the war mongers' beating drums. Is he really, seriously, honest to Buddha surrounding himself with his foes because he believes in not surrounding himself with yes men? Could this even be possible?

Then I read an article about his meeting with US governors and how he asked for their opinions, and listened to everyone...very carefully. And everyone, from Republicans to Democrats, felt heard. It was the first time any president had done such a thing. This is the kind of leader I always wanted to follow. It's the kind of leader I want to be in my personal and professional life.

I can't stand the suspense. And if I don't start breathing soon, I might be out of my misery sooner than later.

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