Friday, November 21, 2008

My Message To The Health Insurance Industry

Dear America's Health Insurance Plans:

I am not so much interested in reforming you, as I am in eliminating you as the middle man between my health, and my health practitioner. Health insurance has been a big ponzi scheme since its inception. Your profit motive is and has always been in direct conflict with a human being's right to health care. A government-managed, universal health care program may inherently lack efficiency, but at least it will not exclude or obstruct people from accessing care, when they need it. Under the guise of "managing costs," you are really focused on managing your profits, at the expense of the American people. YOU created this problem by your own greed and irresponsibility. YOU need to get out of the way.

With millions of the American people's hard-earned dollars, your industry lobbyists will continue to try and control the government's efforts in health care reform. You will continue to pretend that you are dedicated to protecting the needs of your policy holders, but more and more Americans know that this is a big fat lie.

I hope that the new administration will stand up to you, and finally eradicate you.

Go find some other way to bilk people out of their money in return for bad service. And don't let the door hit your butt too hard on the way out.

You too can tell off the health insurance lobby. Click here to tell 'em what you think. There's copy provided for you, if you don't feel like making up your own. I just had a certain bone to pick, so I picked it.

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