Sunday, November 9, 2008

Black Guy Gets The Shit Job Again

I just had to laugh out loud while I was reading a blog, The Skeptic, to see one Egyptian's viewpoint on the Obama win. This is how small the world Egyptian blog directed me to an Onion article entitled, Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job which said: "As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind." I assume Obama will also be responsible for sweeping up after the inauguration parade too. And I hope Aunt Jemima will be appointed to the White House kitchen so she can sing while she makes massuh his waffles on the morning of January 21st.

Meanwhile, I read that gun sales "soared" just before and just after the Obama win. It reminded me of my Dad, years ago when I was a freshman in high school in Arizona, when he told me he had two shot guns hidden and loaded in his bedroom closet. I asked him why and he said, "Because when those niggers decide to rise up, there will be nothing stopping them from just kicking down our front door and coming into our home. I'll be ready for them."

About five or six years ago, my Dad ended up selling those guns to one of my boyfriend's cowboy friends. I guess my Dad figured he was safe.

Until now. I bet he regrets selling those rifles.

The New York Times article about gun sales decided to package that news as if the people buying the guns are worried about Obama taking away their right to bear arms. Bullshit, and bullshit again. Didn't you see all them niggers on TV getting uppity after the election? Hootin' n a howlin' in the streets like animals? Any minute now, they'll be kicking down all of our doors, you just mark my Dad's and Sarah Palin's words. Suddenly, they'll "get" that they have power now, and they'll be after us all.

I'm sorry, but if Obama were to change the law about arms bearing, it would take time. There would be debate about it. And you'd have plenty of time beforehand to stock up. So, the gun buying "surge" wasn't about gun ownership. It was about defending our homeland from them angry black people.

Oh. But it's been five days and I haven't read any news of the Great Kill Whitey Uprising. But I did read about the "surge" in death threats to Obama that correlated with Palin's campaign speeches about pallin' around with terrorists. And those two white supremacist guys that got busted who had a plan to go on a shooting binge and finish it off with an assassination of Obama.

So, who should we be afraid of now? I'm confused.

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