Friday, October 3, 2008

William F. Buckley Just Turned In His Grave

William F. Buckley would be horrified to know that his eloquent, erudite, arch conservative principles were mimicked by a beauty contest winner whose every sentence is littered with you betchas, darn rights, heck-of-alots, and hockey moms, sentences ending in prepositions, incomplete sentences, and basically, a whole bunch of gibberish about nothing:

Juan Cole's article "The Non-Debate":

Joe Biden has been either the chairman or the ranking minority member on the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years, and is one of our foremost foreign affairs experts and legislators. His acumen and expertise are wide-ranging.

Palin has revealed her real self in the Gibson and Couric interviews, and clearly knows nothing and offers only rubbery expressions and glib repetition, for all the world like a rasping myna bird, of a stream of memorized slogans that sound as though they were disinterred from a time capsule originally buried in William F. Buckley Jr.'s back yard several decades ago.

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