Friday, October 3, 2008

Who You Gonna Call? Toxic Mess Busters!

Sarah Palin says in the video below that there's a toxic mess on Main Street. I'm just a little libruhl feminazi from Arizona who has never played hockey in her entire fucking life, but I think I can safely assume that my new BFF Sarah means there's a toxic mess on My Street, and boyo boy, dern it! I'm waaaaay over here in Paris, a whole gosh darn ocean away from my unsold condo in Arizona, and I have no idea who to call! Even though Sarah Palin one-ups me when she can see Russia from her house (beyotch!), from my apartment I can see Spain, I can see France AND I can see Sarah's underpants!

But, I can't see my way out of this toxic mess on My Street. Who'm I gonna call? The Onward Christian Soldiers guys? The Great Deregulatorz? Sarah Palin her damn self? Or maybe my own Arizona Senator, John McCain? Nah. I just need to call my bank and ask them, really nicely, if they'll hold off a little while on my foreclosure. And then, when they tell me to fuck off and die, I'll have to call a bankruptcy attorney. So much for McBush helping the little peoples on "Main Street." I am ditchin' Sarah Palin as my new BFF and removing her from my top friends on Facebook and MySpace! That'll show her. She can go straight back to her own damn Main Street and scrape the moose shit off her boots. I never did like those stupid glasses, anyway. I mean, get lasered Sarah! OMFG!

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