Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Letter To Undecided Voters

In more than 25 years of experience in corporate America, I have learned a very important thing: the entire tone and psychology of the organization is set by the person at the top. If the person at the top is flawed, the organization will be similarly flawed.

I have watched John McCain lose himself (I am from Arizona, so I know who he used to be), and his campaign is erratic and reactionary versus well planned and focused. Then I compare his campaign to that of the younger and more inexperienced Barack Obama, and all I see is steadiness, thoughtfulness, effective strategic and tactical planning, focus, forward movement, zero drama and most of all...results. There are no whispers of confusion or dissent inside Obama's campaign, nor any indication of disarray or disagreement inside Obama's party. This is not the case with McCain.

Just like the very funny, but true statement, "They'll never treat you better than on the first date", Barack Obama and John McCain will manage our country as they have managed their campaigns. If John McCain has lost himself, and lost control of his campaign, then how will he be able to find himself after being elected, and then lead America out of its own drama?

At this very critical time in our country's history, we need a president with true leadership skills, who can inspire the American people to take responsibility for their country and together with him, their new leader, steer this ship back onto a more focused, less dramatic, less erratic, more respectful, well planned course.

And most of all...get results.

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