Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Have Some Good News & Some Bad News

The two Naomis - Klein and Wolf - talk about how BushCo has meticulously planned not just the war, in order to gain dominance of Middle East oil and enrich their military industry pals, but also the disintegration of our rights, the overthrow of our government and the movement of, as Klein said it on the Colbert Report, debt into the hands of the American people and cash into the hands of the BushCo cronies in banking, finance and insurance.

Let's start with this first short video of Representative Brad Sherman saying that he and other lawmakers were threatened that if they didn't pass the bailout bill that the markets would crash and that there would be martial law in America. So, as I and many other people suspected, there was no big emergency, it was BushCo trying to create fear so they could shove something through. They did it with the Iraq war, and we let them do it again. But the most important point is that Bush invoked the specter of martial law, just a few days before he imposed it for the first time in America. Watch (If you prefer a longer version, it's available here):

Now, here's Naomi Wolf talking about the big picture. "On October 1st, there was a coup in America." (Hat tip to A Progressive Girl for posting this gem.) This is a long video, but worth watching all the way through:

Now, for a little good news, because we certainly need it. I love this video below. It makes me hopeful. Can America, will America, stand up? When I see this, I have a glimmer of hope that they can and will:

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