Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get Ready For The Angry Mob

As the McBush camp and all of their surrogates were trashing Obama for being a rock star, the RNC, accompanied by Rove and The Neocons (the Middle East Destructionist band), were scratching their heads and asking each other, "Where can we find a rock star of our very own?" These guys who get their rocks off on the big bang boom destruction and domination of oil-rich countries, were suffering from a symptom plaguing most perversions and addictions: their war-lust had lost some of its luster. They wanted a higher dose, bigger risk, a false sense of control, bordering on out of control.

And they were jealous of Obama's seemingly effortless ability to attract huge crowds of adoring fans, not just in America, but in that nasty, festering land of socialists and other n'er-do-wells, Old Europe. Yes, that Old Europe. The one with the stronger (read erect) monetary unit.

And to make it all the more annoying, McBushCo knew that those crowds came of their own volition. They weren't paid to be there. The Obama camp marketed the events, but no marketing plan alone made 80,000 people show up in Oregon. The crowds were hungry for hope and change. Are those campaign slogans empty? No. They are deep, and meaningful to people who are weary of war and finally paying attention to the impact that the last eight years have had on their own lives.

The crowds also saw the nascent quality of leadership in a "young" Obama. A quality that has grown leaps and bounds in the last few months, and become so embarrassingly evident to the Neocons, as Obama's calm, even, thoughtful, non-flamboyant, authentic essence provided a stark contrast at the debates, to the crotchety, nasty, bumbling old man that the Neocons have pushed forward as their candidate.

Well, after some prolonged scratching of their bald heads and shriveled balls, the good ol' boys found their rock star in Sarah Palin. She's the kind of rock star that stirs up the most base, conscious and unconscious, vile Neanderthal behavior of the ignorant masses. There have "only" been a "few" instances of people in her adulating crowds shouting about Obama: "terrorist!" and "kill him!" And only one instance where the crowd shouted racial epithets at a black cameraman. But heck, boys will be boys, you betcha! And ignorant toothless women will be right there in the rabble with their "hubbies," thrusting their campaign placards towards the sky and screaming for blood. And those are just the Christians. Or at least, the Sarah Palin brand of Christians.

Yes, anybody that thinks Sarah Palin is anything more than a vapid, but conniving shell of a human being is ignorant. Of course, there are spent politicians like Pat Buchanan and college educated columnists like Fred Barnes who wax lustful about her, this candy-coated ball of granite, but they are smart enough to know that their new rock star might be able to move those ignorant masses into a frothing, pointy toothed, murderous, put-the-nigger-in-a-noose gang in 2012.

Yep, there's been a whisper of Palin 2012 floating around. And here's the kicker. Just think how effective Sarah Palin would be after 4 years at Neocon University. In a few weeks time, she was able to memorize enough talking points and repeat manipulating emotional slogans, to bluff her way through the extremely controlled (by her party) debate and speeches along the campaign trail.

If Karl Rove knows anything, it's how to manipulate and inflame the ignorant, bloodthirsty crowd. And Sarah Palin is his new Tool In Training. With 4 years of Neocon indoctrination, she will still be vapid, still be conniving, but soon, very soon, she will also be lethal.

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