Friday, September 19, 2008

'Til I'm Blue In The Face

I keep wondering if anyone in my family will ever admit I was right about BushCo. As the economy crumbles and the Feds socialize the banking, insurance and financial services businesses, and soon also the automobile industry, do my Republican mother, father, brothers and sisters sit in front of, as my mother used to call it the “boob tube,” watching the boobs at Faux news and say, “Holy shit, that youngest daughter of ours, the one we said belongs in France with the rest of those socialist kooks, has been right all along! This administration is a mess!” Will these words ever be uttered by my parents, the ones who think Democrats are Socialists?

Ah, if that part about Democrats being Socialists were only true. Here's what the real Socialists think about the current crisis. (Hat tip to Arthur)

Will those who said “Get rid of big government!” and those who said, “Get rid of tax and spend Democrats!” and those who said “Stop strangling businesses with too much regulation!” and those who said, “Give more tax loopholes for businesses!” and the ones who approve of corporate welfare but hiss like snakes at the idea of human welfare ... will they now finally say, “The only thing that's trickling down these days is shit.”? The name of that shit: job loss, consumer debt, home foreclosures, bankruptcy, uninsured adults and children, sky-high gas and home fuel prices. And that's just the shit that's falling on the heads of us little guys. My brother, who owns a commercial construction company, can't get loans anymore to buy the materials he needs to get started on the jobs he's sold. Because the banks don't have any money to lend. Is my brother ever going to say, “Maybe regulating corporate greed is a good thing after all.”?

I won't hold my breath.

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