Monday, September 29, 2008

SPLIT: A Divided America

I found an interesting website this week and before I forget, I want to pass it on: Split - A Divided America.

It's about a documentary directed by Kelly Nykes (read his recent HuffPo article) who traveled around America and interviewed regular ol' Americans. The film makers wanted to understand what was dividing Americans politically and why things get so, well, heated.

Of course, I'm an interesting person to talk about this. I cuss and spit and yell at Republicans and Neocons and BushCo. I really don't have any desire to reach my hand across any aisle at this point. I am so angry at the American people for voting for George Bush twice, that I'm not sure I can ever forgive them. I don't even think that Obama is the answer...because he's not liberal enough. I said that the other day to my friends visiting from Las Vegas and they laughed...kind of nervously. One of them had said that this election was a tough one because there wasn't really any candidate that was any good. Ha! I doubt they expected my answer. Americans are so afraid of the words "liberal" and "socialist." They think if you even say them that lightening will strike and the whole country will fall into the sea. Meanwhile, the socialist country of France is tooling along with a strong Euro and no bank failures (yet). Go figure.

I even look at my family who support BushCo and I wonder if they've lost their minds. We don't talk about politics. Otherwise, we'd kill each other. So....this film is an interesting one. I encourage you to check out the website. Meanwhile...'s the trailer:

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