Sunday, September 21, 2008

Questions For The Democrats In Congress

As BushCo asks Congress and the American people to bend over and take it, yet again, I'm sure the Democrats in Congress will comply. BushCo has engineered another "emergency" that demands unprecedented money and unprecedented powers in a do-it-right-now-or-else-we-all-die time period. Oh, and make sure you are non-partisan about it, ok Congress? Which translates to "make sure you do what the neocon Republicans want you to do."

But I have some questions. Surprised?

Why does our government get to profit off of the American people's foreclosures?
Why do they get to buy our "bad debt" or our foreclosed real estate, and then sell it at a profit?
Why does the bill allow our government to pay down debt of non-American institutions?
Will the Democrats take advantage of, or use this "emergency" situation as leverage and add some minor things to the bill like:

  1. Capping, limiting or eliminating executive pay, perks and stock options at the institutions they will bail out
  2. Forcing mortgage institutions to work with homeowners who have not yet succumbed to foreclosure and renegotiate their loans. Maybe stretch out monthly payments over a longer period of time, thus lowering the payments.
  3. END THE FUCKING IRAQ WAR so that the billions we are pouring into that country can be used to save our own country's ass
  4. Reinstate banking, finance and insurance regulations that were put in place after the 1929 crash and ensuing depression to protect the American people from ever having to go through that again. Those same regulations that McCain's buddy Phil Gramm eliminated.
  5. Build some checks and balances into the bill so that Paulson and Bernanke don't have free reign to rob the American people of more money
  6. Find $700 billion in pork and other non-social bullshit spending to eliminate in exchange for the $700 billion gift we are about to give BushCo
Just asking.

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