Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunni Shi'a Strife: An Invention Of US Occupation

Please read Sumbul Ali-Karamali's op-ed, Of Documentaries and Dehumanization, at Juan Cole's website Informed Comment. In just a few paragraphs, you can get a quick picture of the roots of Islam, to hopefully destroy the false impressions created by the US government and their lapdogs in the US traditional media.

Ali-Karamali's intent in the op-ed is to reveal the gross, and dangerous, inaccuracies and misinformation in National Geographic's documentary entitled, Inside The Koran. Read Riazatt Butt's Guardian UK article for even more cutting analysis.

I have been ranting and raving about the dehumanization of Iraqis and Muslims for a long time, especially since from where I sit in Paris, where I can watch European and Arab news and compare them to the laughable US news outlets, I can see how easily BushCo controls the more ignorant of the American populace with fear of "the other," and gets away with actual murder, because Americans don't see Muslims or Iraqis (and soon Iranis) as human beings. This dehumanization has been horribly acted out in real life, when American soldiers believed they had the right to treat foreign detainees in Abu Ghraib like dogs.

I did a little intertubular search, curious about how the US media was covering this documentary, and was not surprised to find, on the top of the search page, this sensationalistic review by the Miami Herald's "television critic," who is almost salivating as he starts the article with, of course, a strap-on suicidal bomb scenario, keeps things exciting with women being beaten and the cries of an African child as she is circumcised, and ends with a Palestinian historian of Islam being thrown out of a window. Fuck me. After all that, I just want to nuke the motherfucking Muslims off the face of the earth, don't you?

OK, back to sanity. In Ali-Karamali's op-ed, you'll find out that before the illegal US invasion of Iraq, Sunni and Shi'a lived together, worked together and intermarried in relative harmony. I use the word relative, only because even in supposed peaceful countries, there will be strife between people with different belief systems. But Sunni and Shi'a beliefs are not very different, their difference is in who they believe to be the leader for Islam, someone selected by consensus (Sunni) or someone who is a blood relative of Muhammad (Shi'a).

You'll learn that Sunni and Shi'a are simply different branches of Islam, and both consider the other as valid.

You'll learn that when Britain occupied India, they created division between Hindus and Muslims that had not existed before the occupation, and which resulted in the separation of India and Pakistan, still a cauldron of trouble today. We have done the same divide and conquer thing in Iraq, with probably far reaching, and as yet unknown, consequences.

You can buy Sumbul Ali-Karamali's book, The Muslim Next Door, by clicking on the link or the graphic below. I haven't read it yet, but would like to. So can you. And, more importantly, I will make $.000034589 from the sale of each book. Thank you. Thank you very much.

(By the way, in trying to finish up and publish this post, I had a hell of a time trying to find a link to the show on the National Geographic website. I finally found a link for the show's overview, but only got a 404 Error page. I then found a press release about the show that announced how happy National Geogrphic was that the show was going to be aired on the American Forces Network. I was then completely unable to find any reference to the show on the AFN website. Was this thing produced in association with or paid for by the US military as a troop propaganda piece? I'm sorry, conspiracy theory alert!)

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