Sunday, August 24, 2008

Iraq Explained By An Iraqi

Here's an Iraqi who actually knows what's going on in his own country. Go figure.

My favorite quotes:

"...of course the U.S. wouldn't let the Iraqi-elected parliament create an anti-occupation executive branch. That doesn't really follow their plan, right? Because usually the US supported democratic experiences are conditional. So, If Palestinians voted for Hamas, now that's bad democracy. If Lebanese voted for Hezbollah, that sucks...If Iraqis voted for an anti-occupation parliament, that's a problem that can be dealt with, but not through the Iraqi constitution or the Iraqi laws, but through playing dirty games."

"...where we stand now, just to show you how the US involvement in Iraq and how the dirty games were played...the twelve political parties that are controlling the majority of the parliament...are excluded from the executive representation. The five parties that came on the US tanks, and are supported by the US, are exclusively running the executive branch. Some people ask me how can you end up having the five parties that lost the [parliamentary] elections rule the executive branch exclusively, and I say when you have 150k foreign troops, 150k foreign mercenaries in a country, wonders can happen like that one. That's a US made wonder that parties that represent a minority of a parliamentarian system end up running the executive branch exclusively. There is no other precedent..."

Watch the informative little cartoon first, and then listen to Raed speak (if you are viewing this post via email, please click through to my blog to view the video):

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