Saturday, August 9, 2008

Change This, Ass Triscuit

I don't know why people with Republican or conservative blogs try and "friend" me through BlogCatalog or any of the other blogging communities. I go to all their blogs and read them, and rarely, if ever, do I find anything worth a damn. And I don't want any of them as friends. Not even virtual friends. I already have a family full of people like that, and that's way more than enough for me.

Today's little friend experience brought me to an inane post about how the Obama slogan of "change" is so stupid and vague and if you "ask any Obama supporter" what specific changes they want, they get all confused and can't tell you. Well, fuck that. Here's the comment I wrote on his post (you'll be proud of me that I didn't say douche bag, not even once, nor did I use my new favorite word that I found in the comments over at Pandagon's blog and am just dying to use: ASS TRISCUIT):

I think there are vacuous people on both sides of this election, who make decisions without really researching and understanding all the issues. There's that horrible lady on that video who said, "I am not voting for that Hussein guy. I've had enough of that Hussein name." ugh. Perhaps it's worse, but still as vacuous as "Oh my God! I mean, like, I just love Obama, you know? He's like, about change and everything!"

But for somebody like me, I know specifically what kind of changes I want, and I know that Obama won't give them all to me, but McCain won't give any of them to me. So, Obama gets my vote. For instance...

I want to change the fact that we are in major debt to the freakin' Chinese for the war in Iraq. Didn't they used to be the dreaded commies that the conservatives abhor?

I want to change the fact that the conservatives who I used to respect because part of their platform was fiscal responsibility in government, have been hijacked by the neocon mob.

I want to change the fact that we are pouring billions of dollars into Iraq and Afghanistan while there are Americans without health insurance, bridges crumbling, people losing their jobs and their homes.

I want to change the fact that the US is now known as a nation that tortures. Which now endangers every one of our soldiers' lives if they are ever picked up by our enemies.

I want to change the fact that the executive branch thinks they can do whatever they please and thumb their nose at the constitution and established law.

I want to stitch the constitution back together, after it's been shredded by BushCo.

I want to change the fact that BushCo deregulated the securities and banking industry so much that it created a huge vacuum into which greed stepped right on in, and unsophisticated or unaware consumers got the word "sucker" tattooed on their sorry foreheads.

I want to change the fact that we can just make sh*t up in order to go to war with a country that had not attacked us and had no plans to attack us, destroy that country, kill and displace more than five million of that country's people, just so we can line the pockets of our pals with private security companies, oil companies, and anybody else that wants to make a "killing" by killing another country.

I could go on with more specific things I want "changed," but I won't. I imagine you get the picture by now.

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