Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paul Bremer: Don't Care A Damn About The Underclass

I've believed for a long time that BushCo really doesn't care at all about the little people. Like me. And you. And all the Iraqis, except the ones they need to translate and/or play puppet government with. Everybody else is just chaff. We worker bees are pesky, pestilential. We also tend to fuck a lot and multiply. Oh darn.

The BushCo reaction to Katrina screamed of this dismissive attitude. Kanye West summed it up when he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." There was such a hue and cry about Kanye's simple, but dead-on assertion. But there's always a hue and cry when the evil doers righteously deny their evil doing.

But until now, I'd never found any direct quotes by a BushCo employee that clearly indicates this attitude. I'm sure there are more (let me know, my 30 million loyal readers, and I'll add them to this post), but I want to record this one, which I found in an article on The American Prospect called Muqtada's Got a Posse (worth reading the entire thing. It discusses all the myths about Muqtada al-Sadr):

Paul Bremer's shocking declaration, as recounted by Ali Allawi, that Bremer "didn't care a damn about the underclass and what they [the Sadrists] represented!"


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Going to check the link ... hello from Speedy :-)

Hungry Mother said...

I'm sure Scott McClellan would love to tell you more examples. He would gladly visit your blog to continue trolling for his book.

honjii said...

I never had the impression that Bush cared about anything or anybody that had no personal benefit to him or his misguided missions.

ShoppingKharma said...

I just found a new favorite blog to visit. Keep up the good postings as you have inspired me to do the same! Obama is still the lessor of the evils and will still get my vote. All the best!

Roger v.2 said...

I've believed for quite some time that Bush, Cheney, Murdoch, et. al. belong to a plutocracy of statelessness. Wherever they lay their hats (or, hoods, as may be the case) is their homeland*. Their great wealth and unalloyed power frees them from any ties--emotional, physical, patriotic, moral--to any specific locale. I believe that the only reason they even bother to reside in the US is that 1) they know the language, 2) they have a network of underlings readily at hand to do their bidding absent barriers of communication, and 3) our system of laws protects them (so far) from the raw justice they deserve. Otherwise, I'm certain they could live elsewhere and never notice any difference.

Sometime I'd love to hear what the current occupant thinks the Bill Of Rights means. I'll bet the words: "things the government cannot do" never fall from his lips.

Just my 2 cents.

* I've hated this designation for the US since the words were first uttered by the current occupant in 2001. It smacks so much of the Nazi Reich. I owe my allegiance to a set of sacred documents enshrined in the National Archives that belong to every American . . . not to a plot of land that could belong to anybody.