Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama "Disappoints"

I can say that now. Disappoints. It's because I spent the last few hours pounding the keys, wearing off all the cuss word keys on my laptop, telling Obama that the next time he asks me, the little person, for my $25 or $50 contribution, I'll tell him to go pound sand up his Telecom-funded ass.

Oh, did I mention that I'm pissed off about FISA?

Ok, I'm much calmer now. The cat can come out from under the covers. The boyfriend can come home from his walk. Here's a few measly little thoughts that I have:

  1. The government could listen in on the telephone calls of potential criminals before FISA. They just had to get a court order. Which doesn't take years, or months, or in emergencies, even days. No. It takes a few hours. But the government decided that they needed to trump up an excuse to grab more power, so they whined that they should not have to go through "all the trouble" of getting said court order, and many uninformed people (meaning our elected representatives in Congress) thought that this didn't sound unreasonable, and so FISA was born.
  3. Barack Obama is supposed to be the candidate that rises above all this happy horseshit and guides us sensibly out of this fucking mess that BushCo put us in. Instead, he bends over and takes it in the ass along with those useless excuses for representatives of the people (Pelosi and Hoyer), and actually says that the recent FISA compromise was a good one! He makes some vague statement that it wasn't the best compromise, but it was a good one. And he'd try to do something, although he didn't know if he could be successful at doing that vague something, to get rid of the bill later on, at some vague time in the future when he hopes that we all forgot his heresy.
Fuck that. Fuck him.

Oh. And I'm still voting for Obama, the devil I don't know, because McCain is the devil I know.


Mauigirl said...

Yes, I'm afraid I agree with you - I had hoped he would have the guts, as Dodd, Feingold and Leahy did, to stand against this so-called compromise that is actually a complete surrender on the part of the Democrats.

Karoli said...

Hey, glad I found you here. Twitter is the great uniter.

As I mentioned over on my blog, the problem is that about 300 of us understand what's at stake with this and the rest of the country is convinced we'll hand the country over to the terrorists.

The 'true believers' think that 9/11 came out of nowhere without warning. they don't want to hear that bush sent diplomats to Germany to stir it up and threaten the Taliban. they just want to believe in shades of black and white, served up O'Reilly style with a side of loathing.

the first goal: Elect Obama. the second goal: clean house, open the windows, let the fear stench out, start re-educating the country on what it means to have respect for the Bill of Rights.

It's pretty sad when the majority in this country understand less about our constitution than friends from foreign countries. But it's true, too. The Bushies have done a magnificent job manufacturing fear. Now we have to uproot it and turn around that perception, which won't happen as long as they can keep framing the argument.

Soon, things will change. Election first, change later.

Tony said...

The elections in the U.S. are getting scarier and scarier and suckier and suckier as it appears to those concerned (namely the "US" represented here and in other concerned citizens gatherings) that there is not a single GOOD choice to elect as President of the United States out of the options available. It has been this way the last three elections, in my opinion. The two party systems sucks more and more each election as the disparity between the "conservatives" and the "liberals" becomes less and less. The "average" American is some where in between and not at the extremes so I guess that leaves us with a two party system that is slowly becoming a one party system which will leave us with an "elected" dictator at some point. I say "elected" because I am not even convinced any more that we are really electing anyone... but only going through the motions of the process and the one "THEY" choose is who gets the Oval Office for that four years. What this country needs is less professional politicians who have never lived a real life like most of their constituents and instead select REAL citizen servants who are willing to represent the People (For the People By the People) because they themselves are one of the damn people and not an elitist professional politician groomed by "THEM" to rule over us. (panting and drooling) Yeah! Know what I'm talking about?!?

Couchmouse said...

Obama is in the Senate. Lets see how the vote goes when it gets to the Senate. The big bugaboo in this bill is the immunity for the telecoms. I can live with the rest of the bill.

ankur said...

well , there is obama who can help US in this crisis situation . Elect mccain and devil will be on the throne.

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ankur said...

yes twitter is the great uniter . Really useful tip .

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