Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama Panders To Israeli Lobby

So, Obama shit-cans one of his peripheral Middle East advisers, because, sin of all mortal sins, the guy works for a conflict resolution organization (International Crisis Group) who has been involved in talks with Hamas. Oh my fucking God, let's all just jump up and down and scream at the outrage of it all.

Robert Malley is a guy that this country needs. I mean, just click on that link and read about his background! But no, it's important that Obama fires him as an adviser so he can pander to the right-wing and the Jewish war lobby, so he can get elected, and in the process, it's important that we Americans remain stupid. Why the hell should we employ or listen to Middle East experts? Why is it that we have little to no Arab-speaking people in our state department or foreign service? (There were 10 Arab speakers with 3/3 proficiency at the embassy in Baghdad in June 2007. Ten. Ten!) Because we don't need to know anything about those barefoot Islamic rag heads. Don't need to learn their ancient stupid language. We just need to bomb the shit out of 'em. Yeah! Obliterate 'em, right Hillary? Fuck talking to them. That's a waste of time.

By the way, General Wesley Clark is on the board of the International Crisis Group. Does that mean that Hillary should shit-can him? Oh, I forgot, she's not in the race anymore. But somebody needs to tell her supporters over there on the Times Online article (linked above), the ones using multiple identities but the same number of extra exclamation marks in all their asinine comments.

In Sun Tzu's The Art of War, he says, "Know your enemy." Knowing your enemy includes, if you can, talking and listening to them. Even if they are insane, you learn about them as they babble, and you can hone your strategy. You might also find out, God forbid, that they have one or two legitimate gripes. Maybe you could possibly address those one or two gripes and stop the war. Ignoring and shunning people pisses them off. It makes them want to act out even more so they can get the attention they believe they deserve. They think, "If they won't talk to us, then we'll have to find another way to get their attention." I know, this idea of talking to our enemies is just so Pollyanna of me. So Jimmy Carter.

No, instead, we Americans want to act like stupid, insulated, uninformed children. Why waste time being smart and luring our enemies into friendship so that they might tell us what we want to know. Nah. Takes too much time. We just torture people to get the information we want. That's faster, and so much more reliable. And why sit down across a negotiation table and discuss differences and solutions to those differences? Another fucking waste of time. Especially when the "other" has some stupid religion that isn't Krishtian, and the men wear dresses, for God's sake. Nah. We can just bomb their countries to get control of their resources.

We just want to play imperialists. It's fun! And look at all the boo-tay you get in the process.

This country, and our political process, disgusts me.


Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about Islam at all then you would be aware that this post is naive to the extreme.

Briefly: Allah states that any treaty or alliance should not run for more than ten years. No Muslim is obliged to keep a pact for a longer period.

Allah expects all of his followers to do all that is possible to create an Islamic paradise which covers the whole earth.

Failing to perform ones duty to Allah is the biggest crime to Allah and punishable by eternal roasting in hell by Allah himself.

Have you any idea what Taqiyya is? Seems Obama knows more than he has so far let on. Your post gives me some hope but for the opposite reasons that you intended. Maybe you could read the Koran and other Islamic ideas before accusing everybody else of being so ignorant.

Omyword! Did I Say That? said...

WTF? I didn't even mention Islam in this post, other than to parrot Amerikan Krishtian right's ignorant image of Islamists. Read the Catholic Nicene creed. Just replace "Allah" with "God" in your comment and you have the same stupid shit that Christians and Jews also believe. The Krishtian right is trying to make a Krishtian "paradise" in Amerika too. Look how well it's workin' for them. Fundamentalists, whether they be Islamic or Krishtian, are the bane of humankind's existence.

And if you're so fucking smart, why do you need to be anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Whose ignorance of Islam? Equating Jews Christians and Islam as containing the "same stupid shit" is a nonsense.

Whilst agreeing that fundamentalist religion is a bane, Islamic fundamentalism is texbook fundamentalism. ie: straight out of the Koran. Christian fundamentalism is restricted to a few nutjobs.

Islamic terror kills a hundred people a day. That is a 300 year long Spanish Inquisition every year.

Islam does not know peace: Wherever Islam exists it is at war with its neighbours - get a map and have a look.

I merely suggest you read the Koran before speaking out of your depth again. As you say, knowing your enemy is important.... even more important is knowing who your enemy is.

OMYWORD! said...

anonymous: first of all, I set the blog to not allow anonymous comments. If you think you have something worthwhile to say, then you can do so as yourself.

Secondly - one of the reasons I suspect you remain anonymous is that you are using the comment forum as a way to get your I Hate Islam message out on the blogs. Fuck that. Get your own blog and fire away. Islam wasn't the point of this post, and you are not responding to the post itself, but merely using it for your own bullshit pulpit.

"Islam does not know peace." Have you read the old testament lately? hahaha! Neither does Krishtianity. Sorry if I laugh loudly and derisively.

"Christian fundamentalism is restricted to a few nutjobs." This statement is just plain untrue. CFs have invaded every branch of the US government and they control our military. Those tiny little insignificant nutjobs started this war in Iraq and hope to expand it into Syria and Iran.

The koran and the bible were both written by MEN (not "gods"), paternalistic men, who wished to use it as a control mechanism for the hoi polloi. I don't need to read the koran, nor do I need to read the bible, to know that both books are full of messages from the mean-ass "god" that if the people don't obey him, horrific and cataclysmic things will happen to them, those bad disobeyers, along with everyone they ever sat and had a coffee with. Plus, all "true believers" are required to sacrifice themselves, their children, their wives, and at least a couple of goats, to honor this bullshit vengeful "god." AND, as if that's not enough, all these "true believers" need to wage war against any non-believers.

Oh, and I forgot, anyone who so much as looks at a lobster, let alone eat one, must die and go to some fictitious place named hell. crap...crap...crap.

It's ALL fucking CRAP.

Fundamentalists worship A Book. They worship The Rules. It doesn't matter what the name of the book is, or who wrote the book, or how goofy the rules are. Just OBEY! Then, as they make sure they are strictly following The Book and The Rules, they look around to make sure that everyone else is worshiping the same thing, and if not, then those evil transgressors must be PUNISHED.

So much for the supposed lifting up, expanding, loving notion of "god."

But, if people want to practice Islam or Catholicism or Judaism or Pastafarianism, I don't give a shit. Just don't shove it down my throat, don't mix it up in politics, don't try and run my government with it, and anonymous, don't try and get me to join your bandwagon of Islam hate. I think it's a stupid religion, just like all the rest of the exclusionary, paternalistic religions of the world, but I have no desire to destroy it.

Islam isn't the great threat to mankind right now, it's goofballs like George Bush and Hagee and all the rest of the neocons and all the insane Left Behind readers. Blech.