Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obama Article In La Revue Magazine

I was walking home from the grocery store, when I spied this newsstand ad for La Revue magazine.

Here's a link to La Revue issue 14 - the main online page.

The cover headline translates to: Obama, The Divine Surprised One. It can also mean The Divine Surprise.

The article headline says: And if it were him?

The opening text of the article says (click here to open pdf):

He is from a black father (of Kenya) and a white mother. He first attracted (future) white voters and now, the blacks. His magnetism reminds Americans of John Kennedy and if the democrats designate him as their candidate, they will open with him the doors of the White House...

I thought the other interesting headline on the cover is: Iran: When the United States made the law. I wouldn't mind reading that story.

The other interesting article is entitled: Sarkozy, The Anti Chirac? (view pdf here.) Sarkozy is not a popular guy here in France right now. The French people, who usually don't care about the nitty gritty details of people's personal lives because, well, those details are personal, got mighty sick of Sarkozy's tawdry personal life: his divorce from his wife, then his big distracting romance with, and quickie marriage to Carla Bruni. The French people want Sarkozy to do what he promised - reform the country's economic situation and lower the cost of living in France. Well, he hasn't even come close. The French don't care about "morality" like the silly up-tight Americans do, but they do care about their lifestyle and economic security, and they want results.