Friday, May 30, 2008

McClellan McSchmellan

Update: This is brilliant, and closes the door, hopefully forever, on poor old Scotty: What Should Have Happened: How Man Times Scotty Coulda Quit Him, But Didn't. (I made that title up. Kinda snappy, i'nt it?)

Read this Scotty, you douche bag.

It's a billion miles and eons beyond ironic that the guy who stood up and dished out and defended BushCo lies, who obstructed and obfuscated to the evil left-wing press, now gets to play the victim and make money from his supposed victimhood.

Here's what David Corn said about McClellan: He’s right these days to remind us that the media screwed up bigtime by not sufficiently scrutinizing White House claims about the purported treat from Iraq and the Iraq war. But as a fellow who made the job of reporters tougher by mangling and obscuring the truth he’s in no position to accuse anyone of failing the nation.

Scott McClellan was involved with George Bush before Bush became president. He watched the useless little n'er-do-well creep destroy the Texas economy and laugh about putting people to death. Oh, and that was after Georgie Junior set up and then bankrupted a couple of oil companies of his own, but not before he cashed in his own stock.

So, Scotty, tell me. How can you possibly be surprised that Bush destroyed the entire country's economy, squandered our nation's resources on an unjustified and unwinnable war, and didn't give a shit about victims of Katrina and gave up golf as his penance for the destruction of Iraq and the death and displacement of millions of Iraqi people?