Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's All Make Fun Of Kentucky & West Virginia

Maybe it will shame them into being less ignorant:

The LAT talked to a farmer, who voted for Bush but regrets it, but who appears more than a little reluctant to vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee. “Obama,” the farmer said, “just doesn’t sound right for an American president.” The president of the West Virginia Coon Hunters Assn. told the Times he rejects Obama “because of, you know, who he is.”


After [a John McCain speech in Inez, Kentucky], I left the county courthouse and crossed the main street to talk to a small group of demonstrators holding signs next to McCain’s campaign bus. J. K. Patrick, a retired state employee from a neighboring county, wore a button on his shirt that said “Hillary: Smart Choice.”

“East of Lexington she’ll carry seventy per cent of the primary vote,” he said. Kentucky votes on May 20. “She could win the general election in Kentucky.” I asked about Obama. “Obama couldn’t win.”

Why not? “Race,” Patrick said matter-of-factly. “I’ve talked to people — a woman who was chair of county elections last year, she said she wouldn’t vote for a black man.” Patrick said he wouldn’t vote for Obama either.

Why not? “Race. I really don’t want an African-American as President. Race.”

What about race? “I thought about it. I think he would put too many minorities in positions over the white race. That’s my opinion. After 1964, you saw what the South did.” He meant that it went Republican. “Now what caused that? Race. There’s a lot of white people that just wouldn’t vote for a colored person. Especially older people. They know what happened in the sixties.”
What? What exactly did happen in the 60's?


Karen KB said...

The 60's were full of growth and much pain, but as a 12 step program teaches, growth is painful.

I was born in 01 '41 and am not a baby boomer. My cousin, a few years my junior, went to the original gathering of Haight met the Dead and others, grouped at the Fillmore and such. I didn't inhale either then. Bill Clinton and I were raised similarly, to inhale pot was to become vulnerable to getting hooked on heroin type stuff. I was afraid to inhale, and I smoked Pall Malls then so coughing wasn't an issue just the fear. My cousin tried to convince me otherwise, but her behvaior communicated credibility of the falsity of seque of addiction.

Today I have enjoyed a doobie from time to time, my husband lit me up on our first wedding anniversary. I was almost 28. I inhaled then and each time thereafter!

I learned a lot by the 60's. Most of all I wasn't two-headed because I respected Black's. I wasn't real fond of by my family, but that's ok by me. I don't have to deal with them and that pleases me.

I guess the 60's also gave us a good opportunity to decide if were to go the way of the snobs/elitists such as my cousin and a neighbor. They trip all over themselves to be more advanced than those who do not eat arugula, brie, or drink the wines of my beloved wine country.

Phonies! I like the hippies that dressed very casually and drove older vehicles even tho their inheritances or estates could afford much more. They were not pretentiious as my cousin, neighbor, and Michelle and Barack.

Hillary is a fighter because she learned by teh examples of Dr. King, Mr. Chavez, Bobbie Kennedy, and real carring folks that fought the fight on action not empty words and promises.

She is only as tough as we give her the support to be. She needs our encouragement in calls to voters and/or dollars. The story of Obama helping her with her campaign debt may have been "floated" to discourage onlines from sending money to a campaign since she and Bill have "millions".

Some of the antics are so Rovian in nature. The 60's taught this as well. The Nixonians did their dirty work in New England, San Francisco, and other areas of potential threats to his second term.

Rove learned then, and Atwater simply sharpened his tools.

Hillary is the only candidate not to run at the sight of blood in the water around her. She watched McGovern, Humphrey, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry quiver at the attacks and not fighting back as tough or tougher. She is in the ring and is taking on all of Axelrod's hired hands, Obama's mouth, MIchelle's tongue, and Ted's senility, as well as the lines Russert practices to be used as his toasts at the next watering hole, or the KO Krap that is keeping MSNBC in the ratings hole. She knocks them down and we get in the way of the count and Limbaugh slows the count til the bell rings. Hillary is one heck of a fighter.

I am so glad she is my Champion. She is not letting me down like I know BO will his fans.

Thanks for listening.

Karen KB

OMYWORD! said...

Wow, Karen, thank you so much for this comment. It was personal and passionate. You painted a picture of that time in your past and what is happening right now in your heart and mind. I appreciate that you stopped by.

I saw a great photo yesterday of little girls standing in line waiting to see Hillary. They were holding copies of her book, wearing t-shirts with her face on them. I thought, well look at that - our future.

Hillary has made me damn mad during this primary process. I don't think she's a saint, but neither am I, and neither is Obama. My focus right now, is to stop the neocons. I think it's imperative that we do that. That's why I will vote for the Democrat next November, whomever that turns out to be.

And even then, I know they won't be perfect. Both Obama and Hillary take money from the insurance lobby (goodbye universal health care) and from the war and defense industry lobby (forget about ending the war), so, I am girding myself for disappointment.

Richard said...

God save us from ignorant old crackers. I am ashamed of my southern brothers and sisters who would let this country march down the road to disaster rather than vote for a black man.

That kind of fear mongering crap allowed George BushCo to loot the federal coffers for two terms.

When will my peeps ever learn?

Thankfully they will have to die off sometime and hopefully the next generations will be smarter and less prejudiced.


BillyWarhol said...

oh yoy*

frightening + scary*

I'm afraid Kids who haven't grown up Hating is our Only Hope* + even they have to Learn to Respect one another*

I'm encouraged that Barack Obama has pulled even with Hillary in Super Delegates* Amazing considering she had 100 More not too long ago* I think the writing is pretty much on the Wall*

Altho I like Hillary + think she is incredibly Smart (whatta concept considering Bush + his Brainwashed Flock who Voted him in - the Neanderthal NeoCons!! ;)) - but i was surprized at the number of Americans 50% i think opposed to her*

It's Time for Postive Change!!

;)) Peace*

OMYWORD! said...

Richard - I like that idea, that the next generation will be better. Although, I listen to my nieces and nephews spout republican talking points and cringe. They are verbatim, which means no thought went into them. How can they be so smart, and so dumb at the same time?

Billy - How lucky we have been in this nomination process to have two good candidates, both really bright, to choose from. The republican side was a mess. McCain somehow came from behind and now a lot of people are unhappy that they're stuck with him but that's all they could muster. I think the Dem's time has come but oh my God they are good at f*cking up those opportunities.

We shall see!

end the war end the war end the war end the war.....

Hungry Mother said...

They are self-mocking. I flew into Philly with a bunch of cammo-clad wild turkey hunters. I made sure that my wife's loud liberal comments were kept out of earshot.