Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jane Novak: Living Room Crusader

I just read this article in the New York Times about Jane Novak. I love the fact that she, like me, reacted to 9/11 with a need for more knowledge about why and how it happened to us. She did all of her learning online, from her home in New Jersey. She started her own blog, Armies of Liberation. Now, she's trying to save the life of Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, one of Yemen's most prominent democracy advocates.

By the way, I was a little worried when I saw all the right-wing blogs affiliated with Jane Novak, but two things made me feel a little better - one is that I support freedom of speech and an unhindered press. Secondly, the paper that al-Khaiwani worked for was socialist. :-)

Al-Khaiwani MAY BE SENTENCED TO DEATH ON WEDNESDAY (tomorrow). So please take action now - sign the petition here.


Jody said...

haha well as one of those "right wing" bloggers, it is nice we can all come together and agree on basic fundamental human rights.

Jane Novak has been doing an excellent job and what she is doing surpasses any party lines. Thanks for letting your readers know about it. :)

And I must say, love your tagline!

OMYWORD! said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Jody. I appreciate it. Now I'll go and have a look-see over at your place. :-)

Will Ellis said...

It's an easy choice to make. Did you know Jane Novak is one of the webmasters on a website called the Jawa Report? That's where learning at home gets you.

OMYWORD! said...

Hey Will - I didn't know that Jane wrote for them, so thanks for letting me know. I just spent an hour there and...I hate that website.