Sunday, May 18, 2008

FBI Agents Make Their Mothers Proud

The world might be a better place if everyone, before taking action, asked themselves, "Would my mother approve of this?" Or, if your mother was an insufferable hag, you can replace "mother" with "Aunt Bee." The world would definitely be a better place if we all channeled Aunt Bee.

Based on a soon-to-be-released Justice Department report about the FBI's involvement in Guantanamo Bay interrogations, it looks like Aunt Bee would be very proud of all the FBI agents. She might even bake them all a nice pie. An American pie. It seems they all refused to participate in the torture tactics perpetrated by the CIA. How, er, American of them.

"The policy of the bureau ... is not to use coercion," said FBI Director Robert Mueller.

So, it appears that the individual agents had the cajones to refuse to torture, and they actually complained to their superiors about the CIA torture they witnessed, but their superiors were slow to take action or give their agents guidance, according to the report.

Perhaps in this situation, positive change can come from the bottom up.

UPDATE & DISCLOSURE...OR EXCUSE...OR WHATEVER: My mother wouldn't approve of my politics on this blog, but she would approve of my bad language. Aunt Bee wouldn't approve of my language, but she'd probably approve of my politics.