Monday, May 5, 2008

American Corporate Gulags

Here's what American corporate prisons do.

Here's what our joke of a government says about it, which is just a bunch of blah blah bullshit corporate speak.

So, lets talk about this corporation that deals in human incarceration. In one of their press releases, they describe themselves thusly:

Corrections Corporation of America is the nation's largest owner and operator of privatized correctional and detention facilities and one of the largest prison operators in the United States, behind only the federal government and three states.
Gee, will Corrections Corporation of America's (tag line: Prison Privatization at its Best) stock go up, or down, on this inmate death news that's never reported in the US? Just askin'.

Especially since last month, CCA's CEO sold 18,000 shares of his stock. Does he see writing on the wall for the upcoming Democratic administration? Of course, there's no former senators on CCA's board. Unless you count that guy, what was his name, DeConcini, the guy who was a member of The Keating Five. But that's OK, because he just works as a lobbyist now.

Oh, and after DeConcini was slapped by the Senate Ethics Committee for taking orders from Charles Keating in a savings and loan swindle, Bill Clinton appointed DeConcini to the freakin' Board of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation in 1995. Niiiice.

Oh, and last June, George Bush tried to appoint a former executive from CCA to be a federal Nashville...the corporate seat of CCA!! (I don't usually like extra exclamation points but I just couldn't help myself.) But don't worry, a former inmate is trying to stop the appointment. During the CCA exec's confirmation hearing, he says he'll recuse himself from any CCA lawsuits. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel so much better!

By the way, who is DeConcini backing for president in 2008? Obama. I wonder if that pissed off the Clintons? Oh please oh please oh please don't tell me that this makes Obama beholden to the prison industry. So far, I can't see that DeConcini, as an individual or through his lobbying firm, has contributed to Obama's campaign, but he did contribute to Larry Craig and Arlen Specter and Bill Richardson.

Whose campaign has CCA contributed to so far in 2008? Richardson and Thompson. Here's another donations list that shows CCA employee contributions.

Thanks for joining me on that little research ride. I'm not sure what any of it means. It's just interesting stuff to tuck into the back of my brain for future reference.


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Shocking that more than 1 in a 100 Americans are in Prison*

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