Friday, April 25, 2008

White House Syria Nuclear Propaganda: Timing Is Everything

Yesterday I wrote a post about Syria and Israel brokering a peace deal - Israel gives up the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Syria.

The very next day, propaganda starts flowing from the White House that Syria, in kahoots with North Korea, is a major nuclear threat. Of course, all the MSM jumps on the propaganda like it's a juicy young virgin.

What gives? The US is usually in cahoots with Israel. Especially the neocons, many of whom have dual passports: US and Israel (I have yet to figure THAT one out). Are they saber rattling for an excuse to attack Syria too? I know that Iraq was just a strategic first step for the neocons to develop a base from which they can control the Middle East, but do they plan to attack both Syria and Iran before they leave office? Or will they just get Hillary to do it for them? (snark)

Here's some propaganda via CNN.

Here's counter propaganda via HuffPo.

Juan Cole is asking the same questions in his post Syria Reactor Story A Diversion; But From What?:

The real question is the timing of the announcement, since the bombing happened a long time ago. It is suspicious to me that the announcement was made just after a spy for Israel was arrested in the US who had stolen US nuclear secrets. Is it diversionary?
And it seems like someone else has my theory:

Syria expert Josh Landis discusses a different theory of diversion, having to do with revelations that Syria and Israel are closer to an agreement on the future of the Golan Heights. Check out his article because it offers more insight into the whole Israel/Syrian deal brokered by Turkey, including links to other articles in the BBC, LA Times, Washington Post, etc. This part got my attention:

Syria seems to be making this public at this time because it does not want secret talks and insists that what contacts take place between Israel and Syria be official and open. Syria wants Israel to break the US backed isolation policy toward Syria as a sign of good faith.

One analyst in Washington does not believe this is more than posturing by both sides. He writes:

No durable peace deal between the Israelis and the Syrians is possible without US endorsement. As much as I would like to believe this story, it's a nonstarter. To say the least, the Turks cannot finance the deal, only the US can. The Israelis will ask for a security package from Washington worth more than $20 billion.

Again...velly interestink.


Hungry Mother said...

I wondered why the announcement of the raid on the nuclear facility was coming just now.

Richard said...

These bastards are just getting scarier and scarier. Perhaps it's time for some impeachment proceedings or attempts at impeachment to give the little dickhead something else to consider besides another dumbass war.


Just my feelings about it.