Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take A Look At Them Legs

My partner in crime, That Guy, offered a very new, philosophically deep, well-thought-out perspective on the McCain, Clinton, Obama campaigns for president...

"All I know is that if I had to choose between looking at Bill Clinton for 4 years or Michelle Obama, I'd pick Michelle Obama."

There goes the man vote.

This he stated after we watched Mrs. Obama on the Colbert Report. She was poised and lovely, direct and on message. She looked Colbert right in the eye, and I think it made Stephen just a tetch shy. In other words, she was hot.

But a hot wife didn't help Dennis Kucinich now, did it? And Dennis even had big ears. Go figure.

Meanwhile, I had much more profound thoughts. The only kind of thoughts a pasty white girl who was born in Philadelphia, and moved to Arizona when she was 15 would be thinking: "Man, Michelle Obama has an amazing tan! She must be working on that every day......oh....shit. oops."

I'm just glad I didn't keep going down that lonely stretch of suicidal train wreck and think, "It's got to be a spray-on tan. She can't have the time to lie around the pool for God's sake."

Yeah. That's us. The amazing, socially aware, lefty, deep-thinking, political animals. That Guy is a sexist pig, I've decided. But I, like Colbert, don't see colors. I just notice tonal shades of deep, rich, bain de soleil tan.

Here's Michelle Obama, in aqua blue, on the Colbert Report:


Richard said...

Hi Lisa, I watched the "Repore" last night as well. Two things struck me about her time on camera.
1) She focused on Colbert and didn't let him off the hook or take over the interview.
2) She has a sense of humor but always came back to the seriousness of the debate and choice.

I got the feeling that she is truly the power behind the throne and that if Barack is our (I'm a Dem you know) nominee and is elected, that she would be of immeasurable help to him in what will most likely be the toughest years of his life.

OK..enough of the soapbox.


Omyword! said...

Hey Rich - I think you're right, and I also think it's possible that they both might be power houses in their own way. The best teams are made up of people with complimentary skills so that they can support each other to be successful. I liked her focus. It makes me want to know more about her.

You can stay on your soapbox as long as you like. Now it's time for me to go over to your place and see what's up. :-)

kellypea said...

Yes, but. Where is her American Flag pin? I mean, come on. Let's focus on what really matters.

Omyword! said...

And where was Hillary's during the debate? (o...nobody asked her) I love it when people start worshiping the inanimate symbol thing...instead of practicing the principles or values represented by the symbol. Obama talks about how much he loves his country all the time. That woman who asked the video question has never watched one of his speeches. But she was a plant anyway.