Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama: Take Us To A Better Place

I've been reading the Invisible Woman - Black Cinema At Large blog for almost a year. She is an expert in black cinema, and I definitely am not. But I like her writing very much, and I have the opportunity to read her often because she is in my feed.

She rarely, if ever, posts on politics. But today I read one of her posts that had a viewpoint of Obama that I had pondered, way back in the recesses of my mind, but had never expressed. It's about the fact that he has, several times, risen above the stupidity and vapid attacks made against him, and challenged us as a community, to join him in his larger perspective.

I made a comment on her blog, something I don't generally do. But my comment expressed how I have been feeling, so I wanted to duplicate it here:

You know...I lurk here all the time because I am a pasty white girl who knows nothing about black cinema, but I like your writing. :-)
I so appreciate this post because I'm not religious either, but I believe that humankind is involved in an evolutionary process towards higher consciousness, and I am always hopeful that this evolution speeds up a bit.

I keep my eyes open for those who set good examples of inclusion, versus exclusion, and who can rise above pettiness, and while still honoring everybody's voice, they gently push us towards being better human beings, both as individuals and as a community.

I am somewhat of a cynic. And what is cynicism but an emotional cover-up of a wounded hopeful soul. So, inside I hope for Barack to be the person I think he is, and on the outside I remain skeptical. May we be delighted with what we learn.


Richard said...

I went by her site too. Interesting, though I probably won't go back unless she waxes political again.

One thing you didn't mention that she addressed is about the "cult of personality' around Obama.

It has helped him get attention and people behind his cause, but also scared some folks.

I only know this because I became involved in a mini-blog-war with a site I thought to be a republican front.

Anyway.....I am hopeful that people will look beyond his obvious charisma and to his politics and platform.

He speaks to getting the control of our government back from corporations and lobbyists.

This is a formidable task.


Omyword! said...

Great point about the cult of personality thing. I think that's a Rovian strategy to take the most threatening part of Obama (to the Republicans), and call it something bad. Make it dirty somehow. I saw them try and make it wrong - with all the women fainting at his speeches, which simply turned out to be a combination of standing in line for hours with no food or water, then waiting for him to get there to make the speech, then the room being so crowded it got too hot. Definitely the makings of a passing out problem, but not the evil cult-worshiping possession of the souls of the ignorant and vulnerable kind of evil thing the repugnants were making it out to be.

In the big picture, yes, it's the issues, the issues, the issues BUT, if a person has true leadership skills, including the ability to inspire, that person can get things done. We need someone to lead us to be a better person, and a better country. We all need to stop being passive, and get fired up and ready to do what it takes. He needs to make us wanna do that. That takes great skill, especially with the horrible mess we are in now.

I have no illusions about what anybody faces that gets elected. The neocons have successfully infiltrated every single government agency with people that are specifically there to destroy that agency. The neocons hate "big government" and regulation. So there task, which they have accomplished, is to destroy big government from within. If a Dem gets elected, they'll have to somehow fix THAT! Holy crap, that would take a lot of firing, and then a lot of hiring.

And that's just one tiny iota of the problems. sigh.

sctshep said...

Have I told you lately what a good soAnd soul you are? And a wonderful writer. Your comment was really powerful. I fight cynicism all the time. (I love your description of it) I truly do believe Barack is real - not perfect but real.And I agree about the neocons. Scary people. Have you heard Lewis Black's description of a neocon? First he says it is almost impossible to figure out based on a dictionary. He says neocons are people who see the matrix and think it's real.Best to you as always

sctshep said...

That was just supposed to be soul but so and soul came out sort of accidently but sort of funny.

Mauigirl said...

Thank you for this post. I've been feeling discouraged about the whole process and even about Obama lately, since Hillary pushed him until he went more negative. But you have reminded me why I feel so strongly that he is the one who can lead us. She's all about issues and policy (when she isn't just bashing Obama) and there is no inspiration there. We need someone who can inspire us to believe we can be better. And it's not her.