Monday, April 14, 2008

Iraq "Success" Mantra Isn't Propaganda

I've been saying this, and saying this, and saying this until I can't say it anymore. But now, somebody else is saying it too.

If you want to understand how BushCo can stand there with a straight face and declare Iraq a success, then read this Truthout article by William Rivers Pitt, a New York Times and internationally bestselling author. It explains PNAC, its founders, its plan, its strategy for total US control of the Middle East.

Then you'll understand why we ain't leaving Iraq. Why our Iraq embassy is jumbo-sized. Why we have so many permanent military bases there. Why we will probably invade Iran before BushCo leaves office. Why nobody in this administration gives a shit about how many Iraqis have died or have been displaced, or whether or not the country has been destroyed, or, as a matter of fact, how many Americans have died in Iraq. All in a day's work.

Unless of course, more people get informed and stop the bastards. Wishful thinking, I know.

Meanwhile, make sure everybody continues to waste an entire fucking weekend arguing about the meaning of bitter. That's what BushCo wants you to do. Just fall in line and do your job, like good girls and boys.

I'll show you bitter, baby.


Richard said...

I read a great post today at A voice crying out in the wilderness about the oil and the negotiations with the current Iraqi government. Seems like Oil is running this country.

When will he (Georgie boy) please go the fuck back to Crawford.

The test will come when we get a new Pres and cabinet. Then we'll get to see if Oil still owns us or not.


Hungry Mother said...

A British friend clued me in to the PNAC website a year ago. It was quite a revelation.