Friday, April 4, 2008

Diego Garcia: Britain's and America's Ongoing Shame

What Britain and America did to the Chagossian people on the island of Diego Garcia - kicking them out of their homes, sending them off their island to live in poverty, GASSING THEIR DOGS (for some reason, killing animals pisses people off more than displacing human beings) - is an abomination.

Dick Cheney would shrug and say, "So?" Hey, we decided we needed that island to fight wars and practice rendition and have secret CIA detention centers. What's the value of some stupid old natives compared to that?

Luckily, and I'm not sure how these poor people have been able to rise up and defend themselves (probably with dirty hippie commie pinko aid), the Chagossians are making headway in British courts and getting some long-needed attention. Of course, their lawsuits in the US have fallen flat, go figure.


Hungry Mother said...

I didn't know about this one, but I'm not at all surprised. Thanks for the information.

Richard said...

I think Clancey mentions Diego Garcia in some of his books. At least I know I've read a book or two in the genre that refers to the island.

Of course I was blissfully ignorant of how we got it.

I wish I was more surprised.

This Damn Bush Administration has dulled my sense of outrage I guess.