Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Big Fat Myth: Al-Qaeda In Iraq

Juan Cole's at it again. Acting like the only reliable news source for inside information from the Middle East. Oh. That's because he is the only reliable news source for insider information from the Middle East. That's because he speaks Arabic, Persian and Urdu and reads some Turkish. He's a brainiac. So...he reads all the Arabic papers and tells us what's going on. Nice.

(He also said to me, "Nice writing there." about my blog, so, well, I'm a little prejudiced.)

So, we all know that the whole "Al Queda in Iraq" is a bunch o' crap. But Juan just says it so well, backed up with something we can't seem to find a lot of these days: Facts.

McCain can't come out and say we need to crush the Armed Iraqi Revolution, because that would be an admission that the US has been fighting Iraqis for 5 years and still hasn't defeated them. So he and the Republican strategists and the retired generals and their Pentagon handlers make up this "al-Qaeda" business, as though people in Baquba would be gunning for Americans if Americans hadn't invaded their country and turned it upside down.

It is the US military occupation of Iraq that is producing "al-Qaeda" wannabes, and if it is ended the Iraqis and their neighbors will polish those off tout de suite. Keep the military occupation going, as McCain desires, and you are running an incubator for terrorism against the US and its allies that has already produced hits on Madrid and the London Underground.

In other words, elect McCain, my friends, and you are summoning the awful genie of another 9/11. I said it. I mean it. I'm not taking it back. That man's announced policies could well produce a blowback that will lead to the end of democracy in the United States. It is a momentous decision.
You might also want to read Juan Cole's new book, Napoleon's Egypt to bone up on a little history of the invasion of the Middle East. It looks like we Americans weren't the first to be "deeply ignorant of cultural and religious Islam" nor the first country "claiming an intent to transplant liberty."


Hungry Mother said...

We often aren't the first to be ignorant, but our National Pride always makes us the best at being ignorant.