Sunday, March 16, 2008

There Are Some Pissed Off People Out There

The Tibetans are rising up. Good for them. The whole world stood by and watched the Chinese take Tibet in the 1950's. And didn't do a damn thing. I guess there wasn't any oil or money there. So, this nice little man called the Dalai Lama has been in exile with a shitload of other Tibetans, in India for fifty-ninety-two freakin' years, hoping to get their country back. Maybe now that China is the host of the next Olympics, which attracts movie stars and our dick-wad president, where gabillions of Yuan in cheap trinkets made by blubillions of poor people at slave wages, will be sold to the enrichment of the few. Maybe then, a little light will shine upon the shame of China's rape and plunder of Tibet. Oh, and maybe on all those other human rights abuses too.

When Paul Abrams gets mad he's deadly, and to the point. In his HuffPo article Bush Screws America, Again: Economy Slips to #2, he talks about how Bush destroyed all the companies he ran before he destroyed our country, and was able to sell all his stock to foreigners just before the companies fell. I knew all this from reading Jim Hightower's book Thieves In High Places. But nobody else seems to know it. Now Bush gets to step away from America, and he'll do so with a little spring in his fratboy step, and a knowing smile on his slappable face, as he leaves the next president to figure out how to clean up the mess. I especially liked this part:

For the first time since World War II the United States is not the world's #1 economy. We have slipped behind the European Union. (This, according to Erin Burnett on CNBC, Friday, March 14th.)

The European Union? What and where is that? Of course, we all know a "European Union", but that has national healthcare, strong unions, high tax rates on the wealthy, sales' taxes, well-funded pubic transport, free daycare, paid maternity leave..... so there is no chance that this is the same European Union whose economy exceeds the US, because those policies make prosperity impossible.

Damnit! Aren't them Frenchies part of the EEEH EWE? I hayt to see them do anythang rhat!

Let's see...who else is pissed off...I am enjoying this. It's usually me jumping up and down red faced, alone in my room. Now there are people that wear suits and ties jumping up and down red faced. This could be good.

So, then there's Marty Kaplan. In his HuffPo article entitled My Goat Ate The Economy, he actually discusses the fact that the US economy isn't circling the drain, it's already been flushed down the toilet. Meanwhile, his cohorts in the press fall all over themselves watching every videotaped sermon of Rev Wright so they can nail him on just one more not-really-horrid horrid thing. How dare Marty focus on what really matters:

"Moral hazard" is how we got into Iraq. Colin Powell's Pottery Barn rule -- "you break it, you own it" -- is wrong. Bush broke Iraq, but we own it. Just as we, the taxpayers, are being forced to pay for the crockery broken by the Bush Party on Wall Street, we -- the taxpayers, the soldiers, their families, and America's reputation in the world -- are being forced to pay the price for the hubris of the neocon "freedom agenda." Is it too farfetched to compare Bush's pardon of Scooter Libby with Ben Bernanke's pardon of Bear Stearns? If you want to see why the insane risks of invading Iraq seemed so tolerable to the White House, look no farther than the unitary executive, the signing statements, and an opposition that would take impeachment off the table.

Tssssssss! I can hear that one stinging Nancy Pelosi's ass all the way over here in gay Paree.

And Michael Zweig spoke about using America's lower class as cannon fodder for this corporate war we're in, in an article on Truthout entitled, The War And The Working Class. This is an issue that has always rankled me. If you want to have your jaw drop, check out his Cost-O-War chart that compares the war industry CEO salaries to an army private, and shows how many services Cleveland's share of the Iraq war debt could have brought to the people of Cleveland.

Maybe you'll get pissed off too? I hope so. It's pretty damn lonely here in angryland.


Rich said...

Hey Girl it ain't that lonely, the angry types are just too busy putting bread on the table.

Great post and great work.


Omyword! said...

Hey Rich - thanks for stopping by and for the nice compliments. Keep coming back so I can be reminded to click back over to your site and read some really great stuff. You are in my feed reader but I am so far behind that I miss yours, and everybody's, posts. :-(