Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paying For Sex In The Future

As a former high-class call-girl who worked my way up to $100 an hour during the entire week of my prostitution career, I am qualified to declare officially, that inflation has definitely taken its toll on the sex game since the summer of '76. I blame the republicans. Because I can.

Elliot Spitzer's lovely (and she is lovely) Kristen was pulling down $1000 an hour, plus expenses, and minus agency fees. Spitzer spent two hours with her. That's a whole lotta money.

But, then again, everything in New York is more expensive. Or, er, Washington, Dee Cee.

One thing that has not changed since ought six, is that men's penises still rise and fall in more or less the same way. And men still have the tendency to think with their penises. Having long ago decided that most men aren't worth taking the time to "figure out," I'm not going to wax on about the psychological forces that drive a man to pay for sex. Fuck that. Who cares. I'm just as bored with men and their wieners now, as I was long ago. "Can you beat me on my ass with hangers?" "Oh sure sweetie. Let me know when you've had enough." I'll be filing my nails. Yawn.

What is bothering me the most, and has not yet been covered in the press...that I know the fact that Mr. Spitzer prepaid for future sex. Does he get a refund?

Meanwhile, anybody who remotely blames Spitzer's wife for anything, is an ignorant dried up twat. Yes, that's what you are Doctor Laura. May the keyword linkage do you some good.

And, with all my man-bashing and irresponsible-doctor-trashing aside, I wish Silda Wall Spitzer and her daughters my condolences, my blessings, and many positive thoughts during this very difficult time. For what it's worth.