Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama Cleans Up In Expat Vote

I just received the results from the Democrats Abroad primary. It's interesting to note that the Republicans did nothing at all for their expat constituents. I give huge kudos to Democrats Abroad, and to the Paris Chapter, for organizing this process world-wide, and for making it possible to cast a vote online.

I had an appointment on February 5th, so I couldn't go to the polls at The American Church here in Paris. So, I voted online. But my girlfriend Marla decided to vote at the Church on February 12th, so me and That Guy accompanied her to see what it was like. This picture gives you a peek. It was pretty quiet there. I imagine that the February 5th event was much more exciting.

Here is the text from the email:

Worldwide almost 25,000 Americans took part--making our event bigger than many caucuses or primaries in the States, outnumbering, for example, Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota or Montana. Not bad for the diaspora of U.S. citizens around the world!

The results of the Democrats Abroad Global Primary are as follows:

Biden 0.1%
Clinton 32.7%
Edwards 0.7%
Kucinich 0.6%
Obama 65.6%
Richardson 0.1%
Uncommitted 0.2%


OBAMA - 71.8% (1580 votes)
CLINTON - 26.7% (591 votes)
EDWARDS - 12 votes
KUCINICH - 17 votes