Friday, February 1, 2008

Mukasey Is A Neocon Tool

I mentioned Glenn Greenwald's depressing article in my last post. His article was primarily about Mukasey's hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but it's Mukasey's newfound (?) arrogance compared to Bush's signing statements, that were under Greenwald's microscope.

It's a festering disease all right, this rampant arrogance. And it's making me sick to my stomach. My country is circling the drain and I doubt that any of the candidates can dig us out of the effluvium's mire.

But what the heck...I'll make you sick too, ok?

Soooooo...since, according to Mukasey, the CIA "no longer practices water boarding," which brilliantly doesn't assert that they actually ever have, Mukasey doesn't think he needs to investigate the CIA's use of, well, water boarding. To this supposedly independent and upright former judge, the fact that water boarding is illegal, and the fact that the CIA used it in interrogating at least two people, doesn't mean that he should investigate the crime committed by the CIA when they used water boarding.

My Dad taught me the old "If A = B, and B = C, then A = C" logic construct so I think I'll use it now.

If water boarding (A) = illegal torture (B)
And if illegal torture (B) = an act that must be investigated and prosecuted (C)
Then water boarding (A) = an act that must be investigated and prosecuted (C)

Now, Mukasey is being very careful not to declare that water boarding is an illegal form of torture (B). Which shoots the middle right out of my logical argument. Even though we have prosecuted Americans and others for water boarding in the past, Mukasey just won't say that it's torture, or that it's illegal. Now you know why.

Nowhere, in the above construct, or in our legal system as a matter of fact, does it say that committing a crime yesterday means that you don't have to be investigated or prosecuted today. Unless of course, you have declared yourself above the law.

If POTUS or VPOTUS or the CIA (A) = people who are not above the law if they commit a crime (B)
And if people who are not above the law who actually do commit a crime (B) = must be investigated and prosecuted (C)
Then POTUS or VPOTUS or the CIA (A) = people who must be investigated and prosecuted if they commit a crime (C)

Ah, what the hell. Logic is so...old school, you know?

I hope Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer are happy now. Or turning in their graves. The cold, dark, unmarked graves awarded to traitors to the American way of life.


fusion said...

Servers of Voting Machines at County,FEC,will get hit=Neocon Fraud...Swaps and Derivatives with the War...IRS new neocon Commissioner....Mogilevich in Russia

Here are some points from the Media, some Oil Investors and War
profiteers are doing great while others are doing very bad, and now
Energy Secretary Bodman is telling the Senate that the Future-Gen
plant to capture carbon dioxide from coal in Illinois is dead on the
water, and the Senators act surprised !!! whoaaaa! even an ignorant
like me knew that Bodman, an ultra-neocon from AIPAC-Mossad was only
interested in keeping America totally dependent on Middle East Oil and
so stuck supporting and feeding Israel and Saudi Arabia forever, but
the same Senate voted to confirm Bodman and now the disaster hits's like when they confirmed Porter Goss, a well known
racketeer who had to resign when the White House and the Congress
found out about his Cunningham and others tricky doings,and like when
they confirmed Chertoff who now we found out knew about the
formaldehyde in FEMA trailers for New Orleans and his Dpt. was telling
their own employees to don't spend any time inside the trailers while
not telling anything about it to the New Orleans users, a crime !, and
the Senate knew how incompetent Chertoff is and still he got 93 votes
favor! and Mukasey the same, a Lawyer-Lobbyist for the Neocon Oil
Traders and the Israeli Lobby. in favor of torture and with many still
unknown "customers" in the Caspian Sea, in TelAviv and in the Tax
exempt shelters and re-insurance worlds of Bermuda,Cayman Islands, Zug
and Gibraltar,etc., a real darling , and he got confirmed ! Mukasey
is the last person that should be in charge of the Justice Dpt. of the
United States of America, and now the Senators are surprised !

....also because as a neocon, Mukasey's intent by sort of
"supporting" torture is to create hate from the whole world against
the USA, keep America and its christians against the rest of the
world, also putting all the Armed Forces in danger of torture and even
tourist overseas,if arrested,being tortured in rataliation, it's a
brilliant move by Mukasey and his friends and supporters S.Schumer,
S.Feinstein,Judge Hellerstein ( with Mukasey the 2 Judges controlling
all the 9/11/01 Victims and Insurance cases) and S.Lieberman, their
goal is to keep America always against the rest of the world and with
only one friend : Israel, so they can get billions of dollars in aid
every year and now another 30 billion dollar gift in advance
weapons ,and the christians in the USA will never figure this out,
never !

1) on the Washington Post , Jan,27,2008:" Little Trace of Slowdown
for Defense Contractors" where we find out that Defense and Security
Contractors with work in Iraq and Afghanistan are booming, while
here in the USA there is less work,less jobs,less money and the only
thing going up is the price of gas, food and utilities,etc.,and
while some Generals and "experts" are talking 2020 to leave Iraq at
Congress Hearings this month, isn't wonderful?

2) the Center for Public Integrity is pushing the "concept" on a new
report that only 7 people lied about the Iraq War : President
Bush,VP Cheney,Sec. Rice,Sec.Powell,Sec.Rumsfeld,Sec.Wolfowitz,Press
spokespersons Fleischer and McClellan, and this is a FARCE ! ,this
Center is run by neocons and financed by more neocons as well as
Soros,Shuman,Ford,Rockefeller,McArthur Foundations and others, its
a " NEOCON DAMAGE CONTROL CENTER", their report focus the lies on
the 5 gentiles and 2 israeli americans from the Mossad:Ari
Fleischer and Paul Wolfowitz, both also financed by Aronson and
other Kach partidaries, the extreme neocon group of Lieberman of
Israel , who just broke out from a Knesset coalition and basically
wants all the palestinians exterminated and their lands ,christian
lands and properties included,taken over by extreme israelis ,a
nightmare of fascist racist bullying....the Center's goal is to
distract from what many mention : WITHOUT THE DAILY PUSH OF THE USA
STARTED,so shame on all the criminals! ....and don't forget R.Rahm
Emanuel and S. Schumer with S.Feinstein,R.Lantos and R.Harman almost
every day on the News Hour-PBS and Sunday's talk shows pushing to go
bomb Iraq,they really did their job well, with military
precision,after all,they all are top leaders of the Army of Israel,
good work ! and about the 2 israeli-americans,Fleischer and
Wolfowitz,they will make a deal and accuse the other 5 of being the
real evil masters, and the media will help and the final blame will
be on the 5 gentiles only ,as usual !

3) the FEC has only 2 commissioners, Mason and Waintraub, the last
one ,Waintraub,she voted for herself which is illegal, but with only
2 members,they can't start investigations or lawsuits, it's a
perfect plan because they are going to steal the elections, they are
going to facilitate some " accident" with loose isotopes ( Samuel
Bodman and his neocons control the Energy Dpt.) and the Congress
just found out that they have thousands of paid experts without any
experience in WMD ,NYT,Jan,24,2008:" Hiring of soviets scientists
has strayed from aim, audit says" , they are many russian-israeli
and israeli-americans and the isotopes are like anthrax
spores ...remember ? they get lost easy when sticky fingers are the
ones watching in the hysteria and chaos they will push
McCain with Lieberman,Bloomberg or Feingold, then McCain will have a
Human Growth Hormone over-flash and booom !!! to the Hospital and
the neocons take over the Oval Office,and with the FEC
impotent...well, its a done deal ! and my christian community ?
watching the games and eating hot dogs ! no time for coups !

...remember that Congress also found out that the worst incompetents
are now in charge of the most dangerous BIO Labs of the Military ,
so spores or isotopes, we are going to get hit and the McCain-Army
of Israel team will move in and finish the job...

4) the Congress ,Jan,29,08 , is conducting Hearings about the new
IRS Commissioner , Douglas Schulman, a nice neocon from the
S.Schumer-S.Feinstein - Hedge-Funds circles,so America which is 80
% christian will have a man in charge of their taxes and the IRS
that belongs to the small minority of orthodox tax exempt
professionals,the ones pushing diamonds and gold from Africa while
wearing religious garbs and claiming tax exempt religious status,
and they will access all USA taxpayers data and act accordingly,and
with Mukasey and Wainstein in Justice,every taxpayer in America is a
target, it's a "gentile's money ATM", isn't wonderful ? so the
Senate will quickly confirm Schulman as IRS top guy and we will lose
another key asset, our own taxes, brilliant Congress !!!

5) Servers and data-fax lines of Voting Machines at County and FEC
HQ's are going to get hit big time with data-numbers swaps,NO ONE IS
WATCHING THEM !, so they will pick their candidates, and their
numbers, isn't wonderful? and the christian community ? watching the
sport pages and the sport specials and eating junk foods and anti-
acid medication...

6) America must get out of the Oil,out of the Middle East,out from
under the control of Saudi Arabia and Israel, but unless all the
kids in the USA start running for office today and working to break
free, we will lose, Washington D.C. and its politicians,
staff,lobby's and Dpt. bourocrats are the cancer,they are terminally
corrupt and criminally incompetent,they spend their days working to
keep their jobs and huge perks,to keep it going AND KEEP THEIR
CHAIRS , and what they keep going is pure cancer and ignorance, it's
addiction to foreign oil , addiction to some neocon bankers and
Hedge-Funds playing SWAPS ,derivatives and games with Military
Contracts and War,with the National Debt, and it's a national
disaster....we need new leaders and citizens in Washington D.C. to
get us out of the "Oil-Only Economy" ,because we will use Oil and
Gas for a long time, but we need to start the SOLAR HOMES WITH
GEOTHERMAL,FUSION AND "CLEAN NO-Carbon-Dioxide Coal to Liquid
Diesel",we need to recycle nuclear waste and a full Water Works to
avoid another drought this summer,AGAIN ! ... Washington has not
done anything in the last 7 years, only talk but more Oil, only chit-
chat and more Wars for Oil,they have done NOTHING,SHAME ON THEM!
TRAITORS ! .....
so the kids must run for office with the Constitution in the Hand
and save America !

about SWAPS: WP,Jan,25,2008:" Complex Financial Trades worry Economy
watchers" were we learn about SWAPS: "Credit Default Swaps" or side
bets on financial developments,like the politics in
Africa,Russia,North Korea or the events in Europe or Latin America
related to any company or legal case...can you imagine? they are
betting our money away on international and local affairs !!! so now
some of the big banks lost 100+ billion dollars, and they want the
taxpayers to foot the bill,and all the while some Wall Street
Bankers are collecting gigantic bonuses:"WP,Jan,18,08: "Dire Year on
Wall Street Yields Gigantic Bonuses", and since most banks and Hedge
Funds are heavily invested on Military and Security Contractors in
Iraq and Afghanistan,they are making a mint the more they die !!!
isn't amazing ?

now , Jan,30,2008, the SEC and FBI are investigating some firms, like
some of the smart bankers who
were dumping the worthless loan packages while still pushing them
around to investors, like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and others
perfect timing getting out of the market while these swaps and
derivative subprimes were still being pushed around, but how much
power will the FBI and the SEC have with Mukasey and Wainstein in the
Justice Dpt? it's like the CIA Torture Tapes Investigation, the
special prosecutor is under Mukasey's control , so nothing !

Newspapers by Bronstein,the NYT and Boston Globe by Sulzberger and
his neocon team, the WashingtonPost editorial pages by the Graham
team ( luckily the reporters are still some of the best in the
world) , the Tribune and all its TV's by Sam "Tax free" Zell, the
Dow Jones,FoxTV and News Corp. by Murdoch and partners,NBC and MSNBC
by Zucker etal,CNN by Klein and his minions, and on and on,the
neocons have a total lock on news, good idea when you work to take
over the elections and the Government,and they will succeed most
likely, the Christian Community is busy ......doing something,
whatever they do....ohhh yes !, 40 % of the guys are watching the ---
-- of the players at the games, yeahhh ! that's what they do!and 40
% of the girls reading gossip tabloids at the supermarket checkout
counter and getting more junk foods we will lose America and
the USA Constitution.

8) in the NYT,Jan,26,08:"Russian Police Arrest a Suspected
Racketeer",where we learn about Semyon Mogilevich ( alias Sergei
Schneider,etc.) ,he was one of the key money launderers in the YBM
Magnex-BENEX Corp.-Bank of New York affair with Peter Berlin and
Luzy Pritzker( alias Lucy Edwrds,etc.) and the Kagolovski couple and
others and who transfered from many points including Russia to many
points and trough the Bank of New York accounts under their names
about 17 billion dollars over 2 years, at least and in one of their
channels, and when asked they said they didn't know where the money
was coming from and where it went, and since they were all good
connected neocons, they paid a fine ( Peter and Lucy ) and staid in
their home in New Jersey, and only Mogilevich was on the run because
he had multiple other tricks that the FBI wanted him to talk about
it, so he got cought in Moscow trying to do another tax scam,
so at the time,Michael Chertoff
and Michael Mukasey, Hellerstein , Rakoff and Kaplan were in charge in
NJ and
NY of some of the key Courts, so could anyone in the Congress ask the
Russians for a little
team work so that we can get to the bottom of this multi-billion
dollar money laundering racket ? after all,since the above,
Chertoff,Mukasey,Hellerstein ,Kaplan and Rakoff have nothing to hide,
will be more than happy THAT SOMEONE ELSE'S , AND NOT A NEOCON FROM
RIGHT ?....but we know Congress or the White House will never ask
any questions,these money launderers are too close to the Insurances
in Bermuda and Cayman Islands,where the neocons just to have the big
motherload,and too close to the little deals of M. Greenberg of CV
Starr and AIG ( at the time)and all the other investors and re-
insurance of the World Trade Center of NYC and Silverstein and Goldman
and 9/11/01,
it's too close for comfort,right ? , so D.C. will quickly push it
under the rug and
drop a 10.000 ton rock on top of it,as usual.....

Obama , Edwards, Paul , Huckabee and even Clinton ( without the neocon racket ) , together they can really get
America going, and stop the warmongers and the War profiteers and get
this great country out of our Oil Dependency, our Saudi Arabia and
Israel total dependency, the nightmare and bankruptcy with no end...

...and very sad to see how the neocon media only talks about
McCain,and at Debates they even cut-off Paul and Huckabee, amazing the
abuse ! there is no more Democracy, just a neocon media pushing their
agenda to keep America addicted to oil and to Saudi Arabia and Israel,
and no one says anything !

actually,yes...the neocons talk a lot : case in point: Senator Schumer, chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, was on Feb.,1,2008 talking about loss of jobs and blaming only President Bush and his Administration...maybe!,but Schumer ,according to the NYT and WSJ (before Rupert's take over) , gets together every month with top Hedge-Fund managers for dining and schmoozing at the best restaurants in Manhattan, then he gets a massive Campaign Donation and he goes on the Senate floor against raising the Hedge-Funds partners taxes from 15 % to 25 %,which is what everybody else pays in the USA, and Schumer is good at it,in 2 weeks work, he kills the idea and the Hedge-Funds tax rate stays at 15 %, and no scandal, no questions, no nothing ! amazing , eh ? and the rest of the Senators? NOTHING !!!,so the biggest stockholders in Security and Defense Contracts,the Hedge-Funds, the only ones making money out ot the War with the Oil Lobby , they get to pay less taxes and get the taxpayers that pay more taxes to finance their Investments and all the Contractors and the whole War,so the friends of Schumer "take it in " 3 times,while the Taxpayers lose 3 times,isn't wonderful ? and all thanks to Schumer and friends, a real patriot ! and he gets on the Floor of the Senate and blames only the President of incompetence , on top of it ! can we find just one Congress Member with the integrity to call Senator Schumer for what he really is : a corrupt incompetent liar ? can we get anyone in the Justice System to tell America how can Schumer collect from the Hedge-Funds and kill Legislation to raise Hedge-Fund partners Taxes to the level of everybody else's taxes in the country ? IS HE GOING TO GET AWAY WITH IT AGAIN ? ....... after all, it was Schumer ,Emanuel and Lieberman some of the biggest pushers for the Iraq War, among many other neocons, every day on TV,Newspapers and Radio on 2002 and 2003 pushing to start bombing and attacking Iraq, they are responsible for the disaster ! and now they re-write History and blame others !

Omyword! said...

Holy Cow Buddy. Get a blog!