Monday, February 11, 2008

The Manliness of Neocons

I saw an interesting comment in yesterday's book salon over at Firedoglake, with Jacob Heilbrunn, the author of They Knew They Were Right - The Rise Of The Neocons. The following comment was made by Heilbrunn, the book's author:

"One thing that hasn’t been picked up in the media is the extent to which McCain’s emphasis on valor mirrors the neocon belief in manliness, the title of a recent book by Harvard Professor and neocon Harvey Manfield. In short, the neocons believe that the battlefield is the greatest test of manhood. So does McCain."

Diplomacy takes great skill, great intellect, great intuition, and time. It requires reaching out to the other. It requires listening, and synthesis of other ideas with your own. It requires creativity and openness to new solutions. But diplomacy, intellect, intuition, listening, openness, creativity, integration, synthesis and the skill of negotiation have the taint of femininity to them. The smell of woman. The audacity of Eve, biting into the forbidden apple of knowledge. Of compromise. Of acquiescence. Diplomacy is too soft, too quiet, too weak, too anticlimactic. There's no surge. There's no glory. There's just peace.

How dull.

It's interesting to me that the Neocons who have driven us into this unending battle in Iraq, who lust for a new battle in Iran, have never been on the battlefield (Cheney, Bush, Libby, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Podhoretz, John Bolton, Yoo, William Kristol). They become manly by pushing us into war, and by running the war, and maintaining the war. They become manly by pushing the button to drop or scatter the big bombs, or shooting off their big, fat rockets. They become manly by purchasing and deploying the fastest planes, the most planes, the biggest ships. They become manly by running multinational corporations, or by helping multinationals gains huge profits through the war machinery.

They become manly by befriending, and partnering financially with, misogynistic Saudi oilmen, kings and sheiks in dresses, and dictators who suppress and harm women.

They become manly by association, not by truly being tested on the battlefield. They are limp dicks, who can only get hard by whipping primarily young, poor, undereducated men and women soldiers into an ideological frenzy, or into a false sense of patriotic fervor against fabricated threats of terror or destruction to their family, their town, their country. These men and women soldiers are the only ones who actually get "tested" on the battlefield - by the reality of blood and gore and carnage and murder and destruction of property and unfairness and rape. They lose their friends, their limbs, themselves.

Meanwhile, the Neocons grow rich from conquest. And in their arrogance, these manly men, manly by association only, consider the troops as disposable, as well as the people of the nations we invade and occupy. It's manly to blow things up. To kill civilians. To destroy property and history and art and civilizations. It's manly to build new garish embassies and permanent military bases, monuments to their Viagra-propped-up penises, upon sacred ground.

I think I'd take diplomacy any day. But then again, I'm a woman. And even though I've been known to make a few dicks hard in my time, I'm certainly not manly.


Hungry Mother said...

Couldn't agree more. In fact, only vets should be eligible for a piece of ass. (That one is just for my benefit.)

OMYWORD! said...

I second that rockin' motion. I think it should be listed as a benefit reserved only for veterans.

Simonsez TM said...

Isn't is also ironic that these neocons - thump the bible around a bit and have all these religious, god-fearing folks eating out of the palms of their hands? Look at Huckabee (Huckabilly as I fondly call him) and people are voting for him........scary nation we live in.......

Mauigirl said...

Well said - all very true.

Anonymous said...

These neo-cons referred to in this post are the most dangerous of men and women, they're warrior wanna-bes. McCains issue is that he will opt to protect the honor of our military over the overall betterment of the country.
Has McCain been elected in 2000 I doubt we would be where we are today. His presidency now though could be disastrous and leave in Iraq for an extended period.

Let's hope we get lucky this time.


OMYWORD! said...

Hey Simonsez - More than a year ago I did some research on Huckabee and how he railroaded his state prison board into releasing a convicted rapist because the rapist had become a fundie Christian. The rapst raped and murdered after he was released. I NEVER thought he would have a snowball's chance in hell of getting as far as he has. Scary nation we live in....!!

Hey Maui - thanks for stoppin' by. :-)

Anonymous - "opt to protect the honor of our military over the overall betterment of the country" - what exactly does that mean? And anyway, a nation or military that tortures has lost its honor. And McCain, who was once tortured, just voted AGAINST requiring the military to follow the military handbook for interrogations. In other words, he voted against disallowing torture in interrogation. McCain has NO HONOR.