Friday, February 22, 2008

I Don't Care Who McCain Porks

As long as it isn't me. If he wants to have an affair, fine. Just don't tell me all about it. Don't make me imagine that perky little blond, 30 years his junior, actually touching that pasty crepe paper face of his.


What IS important, is that McCain has lobbyists running his campaign. What IS important, is whether or not McCain was paid to effect legislation, or grease the rails, for the individuals or corporate entities who paid him.

I guess that's why McCain, and his blond lobbyist friend, both hired criminal attorneys. I would get all excited about the possibility of a criminal trial, but good luck getting a court date with all those right-wing judges and "Bushie" prosecutors.

Let the Christian right fall all over themselves trying to categorize McCain's sin. Because they are half wits who yell at the top of their lungs about killing babies while they pay big money and pull voting levers and back-room strings to get people elected who will kill babies. Iraqi babies. Irani babies. Louisiana babies. Uninsured American babies. Grown-up American babies, the ones in uniform, with crew cuts and tattoos, whose mothers still remember them as babies.

Or, if you're Huckabee, you meddle enough that you can get a supposedly newly born-again Christian rapist out of jail so that he can rape, and then KILL two mothers' babies.

My anger is as deep and dark as the sea. As scalding as molten ore. Imagine how the mothers who have lost their children to this despicable war must feel.

Then shut up about who McCain may have porked, 9 years ago, or yesterday. And then vote for someone who will get us out of the war.


Rich said...

Atta Girl, I like you when you get pissed off. Keep up the good work.

Your buddy at the Foothills Opinion Post.


sctshep said...

Amen, I so agree with you. This is the kind of crap we don't need. We are missing the point. You're angry and I'm sinking into an apathetic hole. We are just too stupid for words. I truly think we are close to being doomed by our stupidity. The religious right champions stupidity and fear. The press . . . what can you say about the press. Murrow must be puking in his grave. We're just fat and stupid. Wasn't there a line in Animal House where the dean says something like, "Being fat and stupid is no way to go through life?" Hell, it's becoming the only way.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, it always has great insight. But I am very frustrated with the media’s lack of questions to the presidential candidates about global warming. Now that it is down to just a few candidates I would think that this would be a bigger issue.

Live Earth just picked up this topic and put out an article ( ) asking why the presidential candidates are not being solicited for their stance on the issue of the climate change. I just saw an article describing each candidate’s stance on global warming and climate change on . So obviously they care about it. Is it the Medias fault for not asking the right questions or is it the candidates’ fault for not highlighting the right platforms? Does anyone know of other websites or articles that touch on this subject and candidates’ views? This is the biggest problem of the century and for generations to come…you would think the next president of the United States would be more vocal about it.

Hungry Mother said...

I agree, the lobbyist advisers are the big problem.

Tony said...

McCain (and Huckabee) will only be more of the same and even worse on some aspects. There are those that think Hillary isn't really that far off from the Republican global domination agenda, either. Obama has proven to be an unexpected divergent path on the road to the White House and it is interesting to see how this will play out. Will it be a McCain/Huckabee VS Clinton/Obama ticket or will it be a McCain/Huckabee VS Obama/Clinton ticket? Personally, I am overly tired of the American Royal Family syndrome with the Bush and Clinton families dominating American politics. Oh... and if someone is naive enough to think that if Obama wins the nomination that everything will be peachy keen and we will be back on the road of recovery as a nation that will once again be respected around the world... think again. Once he takes the oath (again, that should be "if) he will be rushed away to a secret chamber where he will be told what is really going on and how he will really act by the "powers that be" and he will not be allowed to leave that room until he's a changed man and toeing the line.

James said...

I wouldn't even care if they used a cigar to stimulate each other, but am I morally neutral for saying that?

Government funding for political campaigns is the way to go. Track expenditures and allow people from competing parties to investigate political campaigns to expose any out of pocket expenditures. I also think politicians should be paid more, but only with strict lobbying reforms. That way, they aren't as likely to seek out money from higher paid CEOs, and we might attract the best and the brightest into political careers, but that's idealistic thinking.

karen said...

I love it! Well said. Well said.

Mauigirl said...

Great post. I almost wish the NY Times hadn't even made the romantic insinuation about the lobbyist, and instead focused on the lobbyist connection only. I'm very tired of hearing about sex scandals. Who cares?