Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary: "Outspent" in Wisconsin

Well, I'll be. Sixteen hundred gazillion billion dollars, plus "$5 million of her own money," wasn't enough for Hillary to beat Obama in Wisconsin. She needs all of us to pony up, according to a campaign email I just received.

I guess her losing streak so far has been all about money. It doesn't have a damn thing to do with the fact that she can't connect to the emotional needs of the American people. She can't offer them a reason to start giving a shit again. She can't come up with a viable salve for our hopelessness, for our disgust with this despicable war, with the lies of the current administration, or the obscene rise in oil prices, or the collapse of our financial stability, or the loss of our integrity overseas.

No. It's simply a matter of money. Oh...and "fairness." This one really gets to me:

We can't let the Obama campaign overwhelm us financially. Today, I am calling on you and other online supporters to act together, making sure we have the resources to create a fair, level playing field on March 4.
What in the living f*ck is unfair about Obama's funding? Nothing. He won, fair and square in Wisconsin, and all those other states. You're just whining.

Hillary, I'm disappointed in you. You must think we're as stupid as George Bush.......thought we were stupid. But, we're not.


sctshep said...

Oh my God. I think I love you. (I'm actually happily married) Great post. I love the arrest bush on things to do. I probably shouldn't say that since you're in Paris but I'm here. Not that I'm paranoid or anything. I'm 62 so I really remember the 60s and when people gave a damn about something. Maybe it's coming back. There is one thing I might disagree with you about albeit reluctantly. We really are pretty stupid. We elected Bush twice and now we're worrying about what Michelle Obama said about being proud of our country? With all the other crap out there? Thanks for being a bright star out there. Don't you just love finding interesting people?

OMYWORD! said...

Hey sctshep - Welcome! And thank you. I think I may love you too. I will have to go see your blog. :-) And yes, I stand corrected. We HAVE BEEN stupid. To have elected this little twerp twice is appalling. And I love meeting people. Just love it. I am heading your way to learn all about you. Come back soon! I get lonely here blabbing to myself.

sctshep said...

Do me a favor when you get a chance. Go to my blog on Rainbows Happen and go back a couple of posts to the one with the youtube link. You'll find it. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I don't even sell these. I just want people to see these videos. This particular one is for people dealing with loss. I've got some other ones. You can go on my website and click multi media. The first one is me doing a talk (for business) below that are some other music ones. I'm really proud of them. The singer is one of my daughters who is a senior at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Let me know if you see them. You are really cool. I love your spirit.

Mauigirl said...

I totally agree. This is one of my chief complaints about Hillary. She doesn't get it. She's been running against "Hope." How can you win by putting down someone who is offering hope?